Saanvi Gupta

Her lost faith

Together you were in a game When for the first time he called your name Your heart skipped a beat Your soul felt the heat First time you went out In excitement, you wanted to shout But still had a doubt If it doesn't be like you wanted it to turn out. For the very first time, he held your hand Like water drops in desert on sand You wanted the world to stop Like love was an exam , you could together top. He brought you so close Made you get on your toes Your lips so near Still no sense of fear Long enough you wanted this kiss to last So it didn't end that fast Till you became breathless Emotions inside you became tremendous *Reached home?* He texted you Apart from love you felt his care too Finally he did propose Made you blush like a red rose You felt that this was the end game Till all of it became an act of shame Number of calls became low Your life became slow Loved filled texts at nights Turned into endless fights He told you that all do you did in his life was interfere But all you wanted was to wish for was his welfare. He told you that he didn't care Left you in pieces there You kept trying to fix the bond Just because you were so fond Finally he left you crying That's when you stopped trying. Now , memories of his care Is what makes you scare. If all love does is to give you relief Why did this girl lost her belief.

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