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6 Wellness Products From Dr. Vaidya’s For Older People

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical practise, is based on the principle that "prevention is better than treatment." It is founded on the idea that the mind has a tremendous healing ability. It holds that the five fundamental elements, namely space, water, fire, air, and earth, appear in the human body as three doshas, namely Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. As a result, medications are created with the temperament of humans in mind. 

Check out the following items from Dr. Vaidya’s for treating common disorders if you're seeking the finest Ayurvedic supplements to strengthen your immunity and keep you healthy. 

1. Dr. Vaidya's Allergic tablets 

Are you allergic to dust and pollen? Urban regions are frequently plagued by dust and pollution, which exacerbates the situation for older folks. Dr. Vaidya's Allergic tablets can be useful in treating respiratory difficulties in elderly people. It balances the kafa dosha and promotes clean breathing, as well as aiding in the treatment of sinus, cold, cough, and nasal discomfort.

  1. It dissolves quickly.
  2. Provides relief from typical respiratory problems caused by allergies.
  3. Herbs such as Bans Kapur, Elaichi, Jeshti Madhu, Piper, and Khadi Sakkar are included.

2. Dr. Vaidya’s Constipation Pack

Have you experienced constipation on a regular basis? Don't be concerned. This box includes Livayu, liver-strengthening tablets, and Kabaj Churna, which aids digestion! This combination softens stools and relieves constipation. 

  1. Ayurvedic goods are included.
  2. It contains laxatives, which aid to preserve the liver.

3. Dr. Vaidya’s Amlapittvati 

Is acidity a problem for you on a frequent basis? Amlapittvati may provide immediate relief from acidity-related discomfort and suffering. It calms the body by delivering a cooling effect in the stomach and neutralising the heat produced by gastric acidity. 

  1. An excellent treatment for acid reflux, hyperacidity, gastritis, and chronic peptic ulcers.
  2. Jyesthimadhu Ghan, Tagar Ghan, Jayfal Ghan, Taj Ghan, Tejpatra Ghan, and Kababchini Ghan are all-natural components.

4. Dr. Vaidya’s Lipoherb Capsules 

It's never been simple to maintain a healthy weight. However, being overweight or having high cholesterol as an older adult might lead to further difficulties. If you don't want to utilise items that include artificial ingredients (yet claim to miraculously reduce your weight! ), consider Ayurveda. Lipoherb Capsules from Dr. Vaidya’s include natural herbs that aid in the treatment of excessive cholesterol and obesity, as well as in the removal of saturated fats from digested meals. 

  1. Reduces body fat while also removing extra water from the body. 
  2. Aids in the reduction of food cravings.
  3. Increases metabolic rate

5. Dr. Vaidya’s Dermaherb Pills

Looking for a natural, chemical-free remedy for skin allergies? Dermaherb from Dr. Vaidya’s is the solution since it helps to reduce acne, boils, itching, eczema, and other allergic responses to the skin. It also aids in the elimination of toxins from the body. It cleanses the blood and has antioxidant qualities.

6. Dr. Vaidya’s Diabex Pills 

Diabetes is a big issue among elderly folks these days. Dr. Vaidya’s Diabex Pills can help lessen diabetic symptoms and lower blood sugar levels. Nai, Methi, Jeshtimadhu, Kariyatu, Neem seeds, Kankcha, Karela, and Harda are all-natural components.

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