Chandrika Menon

A Blood spot: story about search of justice

A Blood spot

(Story on horror, suspense and thriller---in search of justice)

Scene 1

Venue – Hill spot, Latipur

Humid climate, morning hours.

A dead body spotted near the hill spot, Latipur. Police Officer Pawan with his Assistant Chaturvedi and other officials, surrounded around the dead body. After the procedures completed, body was taken for post mortem by the concerned authorities in ambulance.


Scene 2

Venue – Office of Senior Superitendent, Kasegaon.

Morning duty hours.

Senior Superitendent Amar Behl on call, seems to be hard enough. Being called up by him, Investigation Officers Pawan and his assistant Chaturvedi goes inside his cabin. (Salutes)

Senior Superitendent Amar after discussions are done over the call keeping receiver down.

Sr SP Amar (Handing over few reports in his hand to Investigation officer Pawan):

“See, these are reports of some victims whose dead bodies have been found since last few months, in your investigation zone of Latipur. I hope you are aware of all these cases.”

Investigation Officer Pawan : “Yes Sir.

Sr SP Amar (to both): “ Unique fact that was noticed in all these cases constantly are these were concluded as suicide cases after post mortem and file is closed. Coming to this ongoing file of Anil Sharma too, the case history is repeated again stating as Suicide” (handing over post mortem reports to Pawan).

Sr SP Amar walks round the table, pause a while, silence. Then further adds up.

“Anyways, I am not satisfied with your investigation review reports and final conclusion. I feel the investigation is misrouted or something is missed out. This Anil Sharma’s file will not be closed as of now, till we conclude final. It is not possible to accept this as suicide case as there is no strong reason behind it, so it is suspected that the victim has been murdered. Re-investigation has to be done for final conclusion on it. Hope you both understood?”

Looking each other, both investigation officer Pawan and Chaturvedi murmurs silently. Laziness appears on both faces.

Both together: “Yes Sir.”

Sr SP Amar: “I hope you will take this as your responsibility, without any laziness further. We are here to protect our people who trust us and you must be aware of it. So you are requested to proceed ahead for further investigations.”

Both together: “Yes Sir. Done”

(Salutes and leaves the Sr Superitendent’s cabin)


Scene 3

Venue: Joint sitting office outside Sr Superitendent’s cabin with other officials

Investigation officer Pawan and his Assistant Chaturvedi moves outside Sr SP’s cabin. Meanwhile….

One of the officers: “Hey…seems boss has given you both high level of toxics.”

Investigation officer Pawan and his Assistant Chaturvedi takes the cotton buds from ears.

Asst Chaturvedi: “May be he was bitten by hot dog this morning”

All laughs: “Hahah…”


Scene 4

Venue: Towards death spot, Latipur

Afternoon hours, humidity and hitting sunny weather.

Investigation officer Pawan: “Hard drive, tired of this journey.”

Asst. Chaturvedi (yawns): “He says we are lazy. I am tired of this new hitler than this long journey. Everytime he will catch up with some complications.”

Investigation officer Pawan: “ He is tough to deal.”

After few hours of their journey, they reaches the destination, where dead body was spotted.

They get down from the car and walks together around the spot.

Meanwhile, they are followed by someone from back side.

They stay back and turn around; they see a young man behind them, watching silently. He has tall height, bald head, brown eyes, but simply dressed.

Investigation officer Pawan: “ Hey, who are you? And what are you doing here?”

The young man: “ I am Mayur, close friend of Anil Sharma. I know you officers have come here before when his body was found here. I saw you coming here, so I also came to see you.”

Asst Chaturved: “ Why?”

Mayur: “Sir, If you need any information from my end, I can support you as Anil is my friend.”

Investigation Officer: “ Not as of now, if required we will ask you. Anyways, stay here.”

Mayur: “ Ok Sir”

After half an hour review done over the spot. They comes back to Mayur.

Investigation officer Pawan: “ How do you know Anil Sharma?”

Mayur: “Right from our days of Polytechnic course, we have been in same institute together.”

Investigation officer Pawan: “Tell us all you know about him, his personal life, family, friends,etc.

Mayur elaborates everything and Asst Chaturvedi records his conversation.

Investigation officer Pawan (interrupts): “Ok, that was enough for us. So, according to you broken love affair can be a cause of his suicide. So, shall we meet his Ex for more details”

Mayur: “Sir, she is married now and got to know now settled abroad somewhere. I don’t have any details about her.”

Pawan: “ Ohh I see.”

Then moves towards his car alongwith Chaturvedi and calls Mayur towards them.

Pawan (peeping from car): “We will be here today at our guest house. So, If you find any information, kindly get in touch with us (gives his contact details to Mayur)

Mayur: “Sure sir.”


Scene 5

Venue : Guest house, Latipur

Next day, morning hours, both taking breakfast together.

Pawan: “ Chaturvediji, Lets start without making too late. File is already concluded, I don’t see much more here. What do you feel?”

Chaturvedi: “ Yes Sir, you are right. It was total wastage of time, we could have done some other tasks by the time.”


Pawan listens Chaturvedi, but seems in some confusion and little restless.

After both completes their breakfast.

Chaturvedi: “What happen Sir? Are you alright? You got up today quite early before alarm, seems you didn’t slept yesterday night.”

Pawan (in thoughts, suddenly answers): “I am alright. Feeling tired.”

Chaturvedi leaves for packing the bags after both of them dressed up formal. He puts the baggage inside the car.

Pawan still lost in some thoughts.

Chaturvedi: “Sir, shall we leave or you need some time.”

Pawan: “Chaturvediji, sometimes I feel this Anil Sharma case quite complicated, so far we have completed investigation of many cases, but this one is making me somewhere restless.”

Chaturvedi: “Sir, I don’t see any complications in this case as per statement from Mayur. It is clarified that it’s a suicide and not murder. Now only thing is that Hitler has to be persuaded about it .”

Both moving towards the car.

There they saw Mayur waiting for them, outside near the car, gives a see off to both of them.

Car leaves and Mayur also leaves from there.

Scene 6

Venue – Office of Senior Superitendent, Kasegaon.

They reaches from Latipur to Kasegaon for reporting about their findings.

As usual, Senior Superitendent Amar on call inside his cabin.

After few minutes, he keeps the receiver finishing his call. Turning towards them. Both salutes him.

Sr SP Amar: “Good morning officers, how was your journey?

Waits for a while, then continues –

“Hope we are able to cook up something this time.”

Before Pawan could speak something, Chaturvedi hands over their file for review to Sr SP Amar.

Pawan: “ Yes sir, our concluding reports are there inside this file alongwith statement recorded from victim’s close friend Mayur.”

Sr SP Amar: “Ok, I shall go through it.”

Then he goes through the file for a while.

Sr SP Amar: “What’s it? I don’t see anything unique from your previous reports. Kindly elaborate.”

Pawan looks at Chaturvedi and his gestures asking to speak out.

Pawan: “Sir, statement from victim’s close friend is incorporated in it, who told us certain unique incidents incurred in victim’s life, which concludes that the victim has committed suicide.”

Sr SP Amar (appears unsatisfied): “Ok, so concluded from your end.”

Pawan: Yes sir.

Sr SP Amar asks both of them to wait back and removes an envelope which is handed each to both of them.

Sr SP Amar: “Good news for both of you. You have been transferred to the same location, Latipur. After 2 weeks you can resume your duties from Latipur Investigation office. Better Good luck, work hard.”

Both in unexpected shock.

Still manage to respond, both together: “ Yes Sir, thank you.”

Salutes and leaves Sr SP Amar’s cabin.

Scene 7

Venue: Joint sitting office outside Sr Superitendent’s cabin with other officials

All their subordinates and other officers wish them good luck for their new journey in career.

After that they occupy their seats.


Scene 8

During those 2 weeks

Venue: Journey between Kasegaon Office and Quarters.

 Pawan feels quite disturbed in those days.

His Assistant Chaturvedi convinces him each day to overcome his difficulties. Then later both gets engaged in their pack ups. All their colleagues’ officials give them scent off before they leave for their further journey to Latipur.



Scene 9

After 2 weeks passed out

Venue: Investigation office, Latipur

First day of their resuming duties.

They are welcomed by their colleagues & Officer In-charge at Latipur.

Chaturvedi seems to be quite glad at this new place. But Pawan appears to look dull with tired eyes without sleep over many days.

Chaturvedi (to Pawan): Sir, our new place is quite comfortable than previous one, I feel. Better than that Hitler, Chief also seems to be quite good natured and co-operative. What’s your opinion?

No answer from Pawan.

Chaturvedi (going behind him) : “Sir, Is there any problem, what’s worrying you?”

Pawan: “Chaturvediji, I am not worried about my posting here.”

Chaturvedi: “Then what’s the problem? Because you never happen to drink or smoke so much earlier, and sleepless too.”

Pawan: “I am still with that Anil Sharma case, not able to overcome it.”

Chaturvedi: “ But that file is closed, then what are you thinking about it?”

Pawan: “Chaturvediji, I feel something is missed out in our investigation. Or we were mis-routed in our investigation. Can’t sustain it was truthfully concluded.”

Pawan (adds after a while): “I want to re-investigate the entire matter again in the way, I want it to be done.”

Chaturvedi: Sir, believe me I feel you need to take rest. We have investigated and concluded together so many cases, I really don’t know why you are disturbed with this one.”

Pawan: “I am restless, not able to sleep these days. I feel as If I have lost myself somewhere. I have reviewed entire case history again, certain questions are unanswered yet. I feel it was not a suicide at all.”

Chaturvedi: “ Then, you mean he was murdered.”

Pawan: “Yes, it was a well-planned murder, by someone close to him. Mastermind…

Chaturvedi: “How can we conclude that, where’s the evidence against it?”

Pawan: “I don’t know how can we get to it? But I want to restart my investigations right from that same spot again.”

Then Pawan (violently): Otherwise, it will burst my head out.”

Chaturvedi (calming him down): “Ok Sir, no worries. We will do it together, but now take care of yourself.”

Pawan (getting ready): “Then let’s start now, is it ok?”

Chaturvedi: “Ok Sir, done”

Scene 10

Venue: Latipur death spot

Pawan and Chaturvedi reaches the spot. They goes through all the hooks and nooks of the place where body was located.

Scene 11

Venue: Chandan Nagar, towards victim’s house.

Pawan and Chaturvedi, reaches a bungalow surrounded by large trees and some small plants, with car parking area, and a swing towards the entry area of the door. They rang the door bells, which was opened by an elderly man.

They introduced themselves to him and that man informed them that he is their servant over many years since Anil was a kid. After the conversation is done, Pawan informs him that they want to meet Anil Sharma’s mother.

Servant: “Usually Amma never comes out of her room after his death, still I will ask her.”

Pawan: “Try if you can ask her to meet us.”

Servant leaves to call her. Pawan and Chaturvedi waits in the hall. After few minutes, servant is back with Anil Sharma’s mother.

Silence for a while.

Pawan: “Thank you madam, for co-operation. We will not take much of your time.”

Anil Sharma’s mother (thinking for a while): “What you want me to do for you?”

Pawan: “Need some information from you. You are Anil Sharma’s step-mother. So how was your relation with him?”

Anil mother (wiping): “What do you mean? He is my only son.Our relationship were just a like mother and son, as usual.”

Pawan: “See madam, there was no intention to hurt you. But we got to understand that you had a very tough relation with him. After Anil’s father married you, he has not accepted you as his mother, till his death. Is it true?

Anil’s mother: “Who said you all such complications? Agreed, I am his step mother. After his mother passed due to advanced stage of kidney cancer, his father married me with Anil’s consent only. Before approaching for marriage, his father kept a condition that if his son accepts me as his mother, then only he can marry me. And Anil wanted us to get married, so we did. Till then, I saw Anil as my own son. After his father passed away, the way Anil took good care of me, even my own son would not have done so much of him. If you doubt what I said, you may confirm with our close relatives and friends too.”

Pawan: “That’s ok. Tell us everything about Anil, his habits, life-style, friends, how much you know him. It can be in detail if you wish so.”

Anil’s mother: “Sure officer.”

She elaborates everything. Then takes them to Anil’s room , shows his diaries, camera and other personal properties.

Chaturvedi engaged in take video of the room. They come out and servant closed the doors of his room.

Anil’s mother (wiping tears): “This room was not opened since he left us. Now, tell me what other informations you want from me?”

Pawan: “Thank you madam that was enough. In case if we need any more details, we shall be back. Please don’t leave the station, kindly co-operate. Bye.

Anil’s mother leaves for her room. Taking Anil’s diary and Camera, Pawan and Chaturvedi also leaves the place. Then servant closed the main door.

Scene 12

Venue: Guest house, Latipur

Both Pawan and Chaturvedi reviews the information they collected from Anil’s house. Then they began to compile the statements from both Anil’s step mother and close friend Mayur. They could find lot of differences in Anil’s character descried by both of them.

Both are confused. Then Pawan checks Anil’s camera, connects to the laptop and checks the images in it. Both are surprised to see all the captured images in between 45 minutes gap towards the spot where his body was found. They decided to meet Mayur again.

Scene 13

Venue: Saroj Nagar, Latipur (Mayur’s house)

Door opens.

Pawan: “Hello Mayur, shall we come inside?”

Mayur (surprised): “Sure sir, how come you are here?”

Chaturvedi: “Will talk inside.”

Mayur: “ Ok come.”

Both gets seated on the sofa in centre.

Mayur: “ What will you take tea, coffee or cold drinks?

Pawan: “Nothing as of now. Please be seated we need to know something from you.”

Mayur: “Tell me sir, how can I help you out?”

Pawan: “Mayur . Are you sure about whatever information you have told us earlier about Anil is correct.”

Mayur: “Why sir? What happened? Why do you doubt me?

Chaturvedi: “Answer to the point – Yes or No.

Mayur: “ Of course yes, I am his close friend. Whatever I knew about him, I told you earlier.

Pawan: “But Mayur, there’s one problem. Whatever you told us it is totally mismatching with the statement taken from his step mother. So we suspect that we have been misrouted by you earlier.

Mayur (hesitates): “ How come sir? But Anil’s case is closed now.”

Chaturvedi: “We suspect few people as it’s a murder case. So file is re-opened now.”

Mayur: “So you mean to say I have killed Anil, my best friend. Officers are you both alright?”

Pawan and Chaturvedi looks each other, then Chaturvedi closed the main door of his house. Pawan pulls Mayur towards sofa and shouts,

“Either you vomit the truth or we will be forced to do it, then no need to say more, you know how can we do it?”

Mayur (sweats): “ Ok sir, leave me…. Please leave me. I gave you false information earlier, but I promise now I will tell you the truth.”

Mayur elaborates everything in detail, for everything asked by them. They records his revised statement.

Moving towards the door, Pawan says to Mayur,

“ Do not leave the station, till we conclude final. Hope now all the information given by you is true or else you know well.”

Mayur (slowly): “Yes sir.”

Then both of them leaves.



Scene 14

Venue: Lalaji Nagar, Lachipur

After reviewing the details given by Mayur, Pawan and Chaturvedi leaves for Lalaji Nagar, Lachipur, where Anil Sharma’s Ex-girl friend Riddhi is settled down after her marriage to Sahil.

They parked their cars in front of a modern villa and rang the door bells. Door is opened by a housemaid.

House maid: “Who are you?”

Pawan: “Is it Mrs. Riddhi Sahil’s house?”

House maid: “Yes, but who are you?”

Pawan shows his Identity card. Then housemaid calls Riddhi from upstairs.

She comes down. Both are stunned watching her. A long heighted woman, with short curly brown hairs, blue eyed, with perfect figure, dressed attractive, then a bold voice hits,

“ Yes please.”

Pawan (showing Identity card): “We are here for few enquiries on Anil Sharma’s case investigation.

Riddhi after taking her seats.

“May I know in what am I related to it?”

Pawan: “We got to understand you were quite close to him during your Poly technic days. Also I mean, you both had a love affair, which broke later due to certain personal causes. Was it true?

Riddhi (hesitates): “No…. we were just friends, close friends, nothing more beyond it.”

Pawan (rudely getting up from seat): “See madam, we want to know only truth. Many of your college mates whom we questioned has accepted about your affair with him.”

Riddhi (loudly): “So whatever rubbish is spoken, I must accept it, Do you mean that?”

Chaturvedi (interrupts): “Nothing of that sort, Kindly understand our question.”

Pawan (rudely): “Mrs. Riddhi Sahil, kindly co-operate. I hope you know Mr. Anil Sharma is no more.”

Riddhi (weeps): “ Yes I do know that. I really feel sorry for him. Believe me, I really don’t know why he has committed suicide?”

Pawan: “It is not a suicide, we have well enough evidences which states that it was a well-planned murder.”

Riddhi (shocked): “Oh I see. So you mean to say I killed him. Believe me officer, I have not done it. We broke off quite long back and have got nothing to do with each other after we left. I got to know he was getting married this month from one of our friends. That’s it.”

Pawan: “ Madam, we believe you will co-operate with all what you know about him, even it can be any small unusual incident which you must have noticed. Please.”

Riddhi goes on with all she knows in details, they record her statements.

Meanwhile, her husband Sahil enters inside. Everyone Stares.

Riddhi introduces them to Sahil.

Pawan: “Since how long you both are married?”

Riddhi: “Past 2 years.”

Pawan: “Is he aware about Anil’s incident?”

Sahil (interrupts) : “ Yes I do. We were from same batch.”

Pawan: “Ohh Ok.”

Riddhi: “Sir, request please don’t drag me in this case. Whatever information I have provided you, kindly let it be confidential with you.”

Pawan: “ Hmmm. If I need more details, will contact you. Kindly do not leave the station, till we conclude our file.”

Riddhi (pleads): “Ok sir, will do.”

Then both leaves.


Scene 15

Venue: Latipur Guest house

During night hours.

Chaturvedi: “Sir, What an hectic day? Shall we go for sleep?

Pawan: “Chaturvediji, I have little works, you may go.”

Chaturvedi goes in his room for sleeping. Pawan goes through the images in his laptop, which was from Anil’s camera.

Then Pawan dresses up himself. Meanwhile Chaturvedi comes out of his room, switches on the lights.

Chaturvedi: “Are you going out somewhere?”

Pawan: “Yes, I have to leave now.”

Chaturvedi: “Where sir? What happened?

Pawan (in hurry): “ Will tell you later.”

Without answering anything further, Pawan leaves fast.


Scene 16

Venue: Latipur death spot

Around midnight hours 2’o clock.

Pawan was driving his car alone and reaches the death spot. He was moving around the spot, walking over the hills, where the body was spotted, his eyes gets starred in between the stones, there was a blood spot ( a minor dot of blood).

An evil darkness, barking of dogs, threatening sounds of owl, strong wind blows and a sudden stroke hits Pawan from back. He turns around but there was no one. He removes his gun, walks towards back side, but no one was spotted there.

Later he smokes few cigarettes, then leaves the spot.

Scene 17

Venue: Latipur guest house

Early morning hours. Pawan gets down from the car on the way from the death spot. Parks his car towards the door of the guest house. He can see Chaturvedi waiting for him near the door side.

Chaturvedi (tensed): “Sir, where have you been yesterday night? What happened?”

Pawan (rude as never before): “I don’t feel so, I should answer you everything.”

Then in hurry moves towards his room and closed the door.

Chaturvedi looks confused on what is going on and leaves for the investigation office.

Next day – morning hours.

Pawan on call since few minutes. Chaturvedi stares on him silently.

After keeping the calls, Pawan leaves for dressing up.

Then calls out, “Chatturvediji, I am leaving for airport to receive my younger brother Purab, he is arriving today.”

Chatturvedi: “Sir, are you alright? Because since yesterday you are behaving so indifferent as never before. Please tell if any problems from my end.”

Pawan: “No problem from your end. My father is very serious and hospitalized yesterday night. Anyways, I will have to leave now for airport, from there we will be going to hospital directly.”

Pawan leaves quickly. Chaturvedi seems to be stunning by his eye contact, he was wondering he had never spoken ever before in such a manner.

Then, Chaturvedi goes to his room. After recollecting yesterday’s Pawan’s moments, Chaturvedi puts on the laptop. He was curious to see what was much of shocking in those images from camera, due to which these changes had taken place in Pawan’s personality and behavior.

He goes through each images, zooms out and review it carefully. He can see one of those images were quite shocking for him too.

He gets up quickly and dresses himself soon, then calls to Sr SP Amar, Kasegaon and elaborates him the entire matter taken place.

Chaturvedi (on call): “Sir, we should reach fast to airport, not much of time in hands. Ok, bye, I shall catch you there.”

Hangs his mobile inside shirt pocket and leaves on his bike fast.


Scene 18

Venue: Junction area towards airport.

Chaturvedi and Sr SP Amar both meets each other. He parks his bike in the parking area and gets seated in Sr SP Amar’s van, which moved fast.

On the way, their discussions goes on inside the van.

Chaturvedi: “Sir, did you get any more details on what images I have send you.”

Sr SP Amar: “I got finger print reports. He had badly hurted his own father, pushing down from the wheel chair, the wheel chair contains his finger prints. After sending the servant home this he had done yesterday.”

Then he gives the finger prints reports to Chaturvedi.

Chaturvedi (shocks): “We should leave fast to airport or else Purab will be in danger.”

Sr SP Amar (shocks): “What? Why Purab in danger?”

Chaturvedi: “Sir, I reviewed the images again, look at this (shows to Sr SP Amar) Purab is the culprit of Anil Sharma murder case.”

Sr SP Amar : “ How?”

Chaturvedi: “They both were best friends in their polytechnic batch days. (Then shows some images on laptop to Sr SP Amar).

Sr SP Amar (starring on those images): “ Ohh I see.”

Chaturvedi : “Friends but enemies at the same time. The reason why he killed Anil Sharma was, Reshma, Anil fiancée as of now to whom he was suppose to get married, was the one whom Purab loved and also she broke off engagement with him earlier. The reason of their break up was Anil and Reshma both were in serious love affair. This hurted Purab. He tried to separate them many times, which some of his batch mates has told us which is specified in the statements of Mayur, Riddhi, Sahil and others. But he was unsuccessful everytime. So he became sadist and devastated. While clubbing all the statements taken and one of those camera image, i..e the last image towards the death spot, zoom it out, you can see Purab, sitting next to Anil in his car, the camera has caught half of his face image. These are the other evidences against him, like statement from college staffs, teachers against the fight which had taken place during their batch time.”

Sr SP Amar goes through all the reports carefully. In between due to traffic, they get stuck. But later on, they rushed towards airport.


Scene 19

Meanwhile, Pawan receives Purab from airport and leaves in his car.

On the way – their conversations.

Purab: “Brother, why you look so serious today?”

Pawan: “Wait for sometimes, will speak much.”

Then rushes his car on high speed on the roads.

Purab (shocking): “Is our Dad ok?”

Pawan (laughs loudly): “May be. But you are not safe now.”

Purab (tensed): “Why what happened? Where are we going? This is not the hospital road.”

Pawan: “Who said you where are going to hospital.”

Purab (scared): “ Brother what are you doing this? Where are we going then? Please tell me.”

Pawan (driving fast rudely): “The same place where you left me last time, before leaving for Sydney.”

Purab (sweats): “What?”

Now, Purab realizes about something to be wrong with his elder brother Pawan as he had never spoken to him before in this tone.

Purab (scared and sweats): “My brother, what are you telling all these?”


Pawan (speeds up): “Brother… Whose brother, I am not your brother. This is Anil Sharma here. Your brother is in me now. I targeted your elder brother Pawan the same day when he first started investigation on my case, hooked him the same night when he came alone. Then I harmed your father, and now it’s your turn to die the same way you killed me in same place before you left. Do you remember that day?

I begged you for my life. Pleaded, you not only killed me but my dreams. You snatched me away from my family, my mother and love of my life. Then tell me, how could I spare you?”

He understands that his brother has been haunted. Purab tries to escape, but could not.

Pawan (haunted) stops the car, gets down and pulls Purab down. Then pushes to huge stones, near the hill-side, rubs his fingers to the stones, a mere dot of blood is out, in between the stones. Then pushed him down from the same hill tops, same height, where Anil Sharma was murdered earlier by him.

Then wind blows hard, making the surroundings invisible.

On the other side, Sr SP Amar and Chaturvedi reaches the spot, and call out for Pawan.

There, they saw Pawan sitting down, devastated, lost in mind, with head bent down. They try to comfort Pawan, who was not aware on what he had done and was not able to recollect the incident incurred there.

Meanwhile, ambulance arrives and Purab’s dead body is taken away.

Sr SP Amar and Chaturvedi takes away Pawan with them from the spot.


Scene 20

Venue: Court

Final hearing day on Anil Sharma’s case.

Judge (final conclusion): “This court is giving final order to dismiss Investigation officer Pawan due to his mental sick health. Closing hereby victim Anil Sharma’s file as murder, stating Purab as the culprit.”

Court sitting ends. Every one leaves.

Pawan is taken in an ambulance by the hospital authorities for his further mental treatments.




















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