Vithasha  Ria

From a blackmailer's Diary: A chilling story

That was a calm morning. Nari woke up earlier than usual but still was lying on his bed. He was in a confusion either to sleep for few more minutes or to get up. “What is the use of getting up early when I have nothing to do..” Nari took a deep sigh. All his payments were in due since two months as he was currently jobless and he was badly in need of money. Nari suddenly realized it and woke up from the bed, wore his flip-flops and went for a walk without any reason or destination. While Nari was walking on the road which was Just two blocks away from his home, saw a big stuffed sack tightly knotted lying on the road. Some crows and dogs were checking it around. He gave a small look at that and moved on a few steps. All of a sudden he stumbled and his flip-flop torn down. Nari started yelling at his bad luck inside his mind and thought what he could do to fix it. When there was no option left went back his house hobbling. When he wore another pair of slippers and came back to the same place, he saw a dreadful scene on the road. The crows and the dogs torn the sack. The intestine, and some body parts were popped out and a little bit blood was flowing from it. Nari was curious. Because it was early morning the road was empty. Nari took some pictures of it in his phone and started thinking what to do next. Nari was neither afraid nor confused, in fact he felt happy after seeing this. He got a new issue to write in his newspaper. Naresh was popularly known as Nari in Vikaspur. He was running a small newspaper which used to circulate in the town. Vikaspur was a small town containing a population of less than one lakh. It was a small but peaceful town with less crimes and other issues. So Nari was always running out of news for his paper. He was also running out of subscribers for his newspaper and thus he found a best way to making out huge amount of money from his newspaper. He is always in search of new issues and problems so he could blackmail people relating to it and grab some money. This was his business. But from past few months this business was going slow as there was no one to blackmail. Now, after so many days he caught something huge. Nari was still on the road. A mini goods carrier came and two persons that fully covered their face with turban picked up the sack and the stuff came out from it and tried to ran away from there as fast as possible. But Nari avoided them. The two guys warned him to mind his own business and not to involve in their personal matters. Nari said that he have the picture of it and the Registration number of the vehicle and also mentioned that he is going to write about this in his newspaper and also to inform police. The guys argued that those are organs of a sheep that they slaughtered the previous day as they were having a small occasion in their home. We were going to dispose the waste in Meghavati river but accidentally it fell on the road. Nari was not convinced. “If that is the case why you guys are covering your face? And you are acting so weird?” Nari asked. While the argument was going on, the vehicles started running on the road, shop keepers started opening their shops and those guys not wanted to make a scene on road. So one guy among them removed his turban, showed his face and requested Nari to leave them right now and told him to come to his house afterwards. Nari was shocked after seeing his face and agreed for what he said. It was Mukesh. He was a well known personality in the village. He had an estate where most of the poor villagers of Vikaspur were labourers. He had a small sweet family of two daughters and a wife. The elder daughter of his was married to a rich man from the neighbour town. Mukesh, his wife and younger daughter were living together. Mukesh always hated the way Nari blackmails people and warned him several times not to do so. But today Mukesh himself became the victim. This was the most awaited moment for Nari. He didn’t want to miss this chance to screw up Mukesh from all the ways he could. It is true that Mukesh murdered someone. And totally collapsed after that. He wanted to keep it as a secret especially from people like Nari. He was ready to trade anything with him to keep it as a secret. Same day afternoon Nari came to his house with a tongue-in-cheek smile on his face. Mukesh straightly moved to the point. “ I’ll give you as much money you want. Please keep quiet and forget whatever you saw this morning “ he said. “Aren’t you gonna tell me that who was that unlucky guy?” Nari asked. “He was one of the worker at our estate. Please don’t ask anymore questions. I’ll give you three lakhs for this" Mukesh begged. “I could. But I won’t” Nari replied. “I give you ten lakhs" Mukesh said. Nari smiled and told him “I don’t want your money Mukesh. I want something else.. actually... I.. like your younger daughter. I love her so much..” Nari started lisping. Mukesh went into a rage, held Nari's collar tightly and started screaming “are you out of your freaking mind??!!” Nari pulled Mukesh’s hands from his collar and calmly said “I have proof.. mind it". Mukesh still was in anger and replied “She is not here. We have sent her Bangalore.” “This is not possible. I have seen her yesterday. Don’t you try to fool me Mister" Nari yelled. “It is the truth Nari. She is not here.. I can’t tell yòu anything more than this" Mukesh’s eyes filled with tears. Nari smelled something fishy. “What do you mean? I’m not going anywhere until you tell me where is she" Mukesh started crying and didn’t answer his question. Mukesh's wife who was seeing quietly all these drama started crying too. “You can’t just cry and avoid me Mukesh, just tell me the truth. Till then I’m not leaving". Mukesh was speechless. But his eyes were telling a different story. The room filled with absolute silence and three people. “she is my daughter and I always wanted to see her in a better place”... Mukesh started telling the story. His two daughters Priya and Sia were not just siblings. They were two different bodies in a same soul. They were in separable and shared everything together. Every single person in the town known the best bonding between these sisters. Their bonding did not break even when Priya got married. Even Priya's husband Anand became too close with both of them. But Priya's married life didn’t last long happily. There was someone in between the husband and wife. That was none other than Sia. Anand was showing all of his love towards Sia and neglected Priya. And no doubt, Mukesh and his wife noticed it too. They warned Sia and Anand several times. But neither of them changed. Mukesh gave so many horrific punishments and forcefully grounded Sia. However Sia never stopped meeting Anand. Priya’s marriage was almost broken and everyone in the family wanted to officially end it. While Mukesh and Priya were preparing for Divorce papers, Sia packed all of her clothes and got ready to go at Anand’s. When she was about to leave the house, Mukesh caught her. He was so angry. He took the ancestral traditional sword which was hanging next to him and sheared her.. he chopped and chopped her until she stopped breathing. Mukesh and his wife were loudly crying. Strong man Nari, who was never afraid to anything in this world was distressed. His eyes filled with tears and throat with pain. He was not able to stay there for a single minute. He moved away from there without speaking a single word and never turned back.  

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