Thaslima Sheik

CONGRATULATIONS!!- A short horror story

Time : 11:30 PM Sonali parents leave her home alone at that night because of their work.. Sonali scroll down her Facebook feed.. Sonali is a prankster and brave girl... She lying in her bed with the window open near her bed. She love a fresh air a lot.. On scrolling a fb a message pop out .. It says "CONGRATULATIONS You have been choosen for the prize amount of £5000.. if you want to claim the prize please open "....She eagerly opened it and it lead to some website which is full of black with blood red fonts.. The female voice played and it says "If you want to claim the prize money of £5000,You should play the game with us .. The name of the game is BEAR YOUR FEAR... Its has Three rounds.. Are you ready? and please read terms and conditions too" ... After the voice stopped two option " yes or no " are displayed with terms and conditions in tick box.... Sonali excitedly tick the box and click yes. sonali dont read the terms ad conditions because she expecting a lot of money through this... Her greed close her eyes.. The phone displays "Round 1 DONT COME Rules: 1.Close all the doors and windows in your home within one minute.. 2. If you forget ,IT will enter your house.. 3. If you won this round, the game is over 4. If you failed you must play the full game. " Sonali enjoying the game because she felt its dumb task .She not serious at all.. playfully She rushes to close all the doors and windows. After closing she went to kitchen to drink some water... Her phone was in upstairs..She saw a window opened in kitchen.. After closing that window she went to her room and then times up... Then a voice played " you lost this round.. you dont close the window in your room.. So it enters"... sonali shockingly turn and see the window near her bed is not closed... Sonali panicked and try to get out of the game but it fails.Suddenly she felt somebody in that room.. chill air she felt in her neck.. when she turn she heard chuckling only. Her fear got increasing... Then in her phone a female voice say " Round 2 " PEEK A BOO " Rules : 1.You must find it within 5 minutes and say the word or you will be killed. " Sonali cried and call for help.. sonali says "please let me out.. I don't want money and this game . Please leave me alone"... After few seconds the game responded " If you try to go out of this game without finishing, you must be killed . Its clearly states in terms and condition.. But you don't read that... Only way to go out of this game is to win the game"... sonali wipe her tears and say " what word should i tell if i catch that? How could i defeat that without that word" .. but there is no response from the game and yet count down started..She carry a iron rod and go to hall.. She search under bed ,sofa and in closet... She found nothing.. she only hear the footsteps... she felt something is behind her.. When she turn back suddenly a blur face in smoke appears.. she screamed in fear and threw the iron rod at ghost.. Iron rod doesn't hurt that ghost.. Blur face slowly cleared and its look very scary for sonali to watch the bloody burned face.. It laughed at sonali.. sonali run back to her room and locked her door then she yelled for help.. but it vains because no sound is hearble to outside.. Only two minutes left.. She went again to search for that spirit ..Its hovering around the hall waiting for sonali.. Sonali say" i catch you" .. the ghost first chuckles and then angrily throw iron rod and things at her. That things hurt Sonali in her forehead and started bleeding.. Sonali don't know what the word is so she started saying many words like Abracadabra, get out,etc... . But nothing stop the ghost which come to her slowly.. When the time is only 10 seconds the ghost grab her neck and try to choke... sonali try to escape from that ghost...Then sonali realize something and said "PEEK A BOO".. Suddenly Ghost leave her and vanished.. Sonali smiles and say " I knew how to defeat you... My guess is correct.. Name of this game" andd then she get her phone. Again female voice says" congratulations!. You pass this round and next Round 3: Live or Die.. Rules: 1: Hide somewhere in your home ,Everytime if you caught y the spirit find another place to hide... you got ten minutes.. 2.The spirit will harm you everytime if it finds you. 3. You must find the way to win this game yourself within 10 minutes or after times up you will be killed by the spirit". Sonali panicked first but she understood she must win this game to survive.. She hide under her bed.. She hear some noise above her bed. she closed her eyes.. after few seconds noise gone.. she opened her eyes and check both sides.. then slowly look upper side of the bed and there is nothing.. then she get back to her position under the bed..again she heard the same noise.. when she close her eyes, the spirit grabbed her outside by her leg and stabbed her thigh by fingers.. Sonali cried in pain.. when the ghost disappears she crawled inside closet.. only 7 minutes left.. She tie her thigh by cloth and thinking what the answer will be... She disturbed by the cloth above her so she tries to swipe away.. but it dont move .. When she look upside in fear, the is upside down and grab her hand.. she escaped but her hand is wounded by ghost... She get up and hide behind the curtain in upstairs.. Only 5 minutes left.. She tries hardly to get out out this trouble... Her fear keep increasing.. She losing her confidence.... The ghost again caught by her hair and thrashed her... she injured badly... The ghost throw her through the stairs confidence.... The ghost again caught by her hair and thrashed her... she injured badly... The ghost throw her through the stairs.. Only 3 minutes left.. sonali thought "there must be a way to defeat it.. Second round name is the answer.. Third round name is live or die ...Now i should kill it by something" and she stab the ghost by iron rod... Ghost screams and sonali smiles.. but within a second ghost threw sonali and iron rod at a time... sonali have only one minute... She again think about this game.. Sonali say " Name of the game is bear your fear.. Its means i have to bear my fear for you...I am not afraid of you.. I am not afraid of you ... I am not afraid of you..." and she laughed.. Ghost power is weakened and it destroyed itself.. Sonali screams in joy..... Her phone rings "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE GAME"...Then the door knocked.. Sonali shocked to the core... Door knocking is getting louder and louder... Suddenly some force Blew the door and choke sonali.... Sonali choking in her bed... When she opened her eyes, she realised all are dream.. Sonali mom say " why you dont open the door.. How many times should i knock your door?".. Sonali shocked to see her mom ask her when did she came ... Sonali mom replied "we came early from the work.. we dont want to disturb you.. so i used my keys to open the door... I prepared breakfast for you.. Thats why i wake u .. Time already 11:30... get up sonali"..…. Sonali happy because that dream is not real.... When she check her phone her bank account is credited with £5000!!!

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