Adarsh Yadav

Day 69

To my dearest and nearest, Maa-Papa, Everything will be fine one day, We never actually loose someone,

Soul just changes its place in our life, And I’m doing it today, Ichoose it, I feels,

It’s better to burn out than to fade away,

These moments kill me, with every tic of time,

Can’t be with it more,

 My suffer ends today by day 69.




These 69 days,

 Were longer than my whole life,

And all I have now are worst memories of them,

I still remember every single day and the day 1, i got admission in my high school, I got introduced,

My high school, new peoples, new world,

I met students of my class, made some of them my freinds.

Well, some of them were arrogant too but i was observing this new world,

That was a complete different feeling, Maybethe most beautiful of those days,

and how can i forget, i got crush on someone he was my senior.

He was a tall dark handsome and his everything made me staring at him.

And I narrate the whole day to my doll that night.




The day 7 turns my life interesting, More adventurous and fast,

I was an introvert with goggles, And ironically was having more interest in peoples, talking and chilling with my freinds and of course, looking at him, and most of those days was his look back on me, eye contact and smile.

And that love feeling too,

That was quiet new for me,

And friends yaa… they’re so. He comes in front of me, proposed me and i don't know.what to say, he was there in front of me,

I accepted, and life takes a turn,

When everything becomes so beautiful.




Day 15 was fresher party.

And we did party and dance,

It was so loving to dance with him,

And I experienced some moments,

Which I’d never thought I will,

He got me to a corner,

Away and alone from everyone,

And that moment becomes intimate,

I can’t control myself and did trusted him,

And we kissed.




And I explained will all joy and emotions,

My feelings and love to my doll that what i did today gives me giggles and his smell was so so so like nector.

But day 17,

It was the end of beautiful days,

When I saw another girl in his arms, i screamed and shouted at him.

He took me to side and pressed my mouth and holds me.

Showed me our pictures of yesterday,

Trust broke in a second,

I couldn't even imagine that he was capturing those things we were doing.

That night I wept in arms of my doll.




I’m sorry maa, for day 17,

I started keeping distance from you too,

When he calls me,

Said he’d viral those pictures and mms,

 And If I don’t want so,

I’ve to go where he says, and I go there,

At the condition that he’ll not viral those pictures.

I was scared, these things were new to me.

He and his two other friends were there,

they touch me in the places they shouldn’t.

But I can’t imagine, they shoot that too.




Day 18 and I was trapped,

Words and promises have no value,

They viral the picture and mms of freshers,

But kept day 17’s video as hostage,

Warned me if I tell this to anyone, they will viral that video. I was totally horrified maa...

That time I decided to tell u everything mom,

But leave the fucking society and world,

Even dads and your behavior changes,

You beaten and locked me in my room, you open the door only for food

I spent those days with my doll till day 67, I wept in her arms and we used to talk more than ever.




But time heals,

I got your permission somehow,

To go outside on day 68,

Because they have warned me,

If I didn’t be at their place,

They’ll viral that video too,

But this time I wasn’t scared,

50days I and doll had wept and made a plan,

when i met him he and his two other friends were there to do the evil again and i let them do.

They were busy in doing whatever they want and i sprayed black pepper spary and chloroform on them,

Screwed their eyes by screwdriver i've got with me and then pour acid in their eyes and stayed there watch them dither.




Yes maa…

Your introvert daughter,

Who can’t even recognize peoples,

Did that yesterday on day 68,

U can see that today in news,

Maybe police will be heading our home,

Maybe their other friends have my video,

But these doesn’t matter anymore,

All that matter is you should know,

Your daughter fought it, and feels sorry too.




And now everything is set,

U guys will be here in few minutes,

When chair will fall, I and doll will hang,

When you’ll know that these last lines,

Were written not with ink but tears,

I do loved you maa papa….

Maybe this world doesn’t deserve me,

Maybe I don’t deserve this world,

Maybe i failed to make my life worth living.

My last wish is smile in your eyes,

And to be buried with my doll,

It’s time; I rest my arms, Day 69.

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