Tasleem Majumder

Dead of Night

It was midnight. Ayesha was having a sound sleep as usual. Every day after serving thousands of patients as being a doctor Ayesha feels too tired by the night. She falls asleep very early. She is the one who never wakes up at the midnight and whose sleep never gets interrupt easily. But that night she had to wake up by the sudden interruption in her sleep.

What was that?

It was a sudden knocking sound at the door. Ayesha in her deep sleep could barely listen to the sound. The sound gradually became too high. It was so high now that someone could easily feel like there is an emergency. The volume of the sound can now crack the surrounding silence and pinch in Ayesha’s ear. Ayesha figuring out the knocking sound at the door and while gently rubbing her eyes, murmured to herself “Who could be that at this late hour?” Then she replied in a very low voice, “I am coming, please wait".

   Taking the stoll laying in the chair and wrapping it around her chest Ayesha was moving down the stairs towards the door. Feeling very sleepy she could barely walk but somehow she managed to reach to the door. There was a man crying outside the door “Sister, please open the door quickly, please!” On hearing that Ayesha got tensed and rushed to the door. After knowing that it was her elder cousin, Ayesha opened the door. “What happened brother?” Ayesha asked softly.

Crying his heart out, brother replied, “Sister, my father is no more. He has left the world.” The man continued crying at the door point while Ayesha realized the matter. She didn’t get surprised though as she knew it would happen soon because her uncle was very much ill but tear rolled down her eyes too. On saying that Ayesha’s cousin took quick steps towards Hiralal’s shop to buy some stuffs needed during funeral and told Ayesha to attend the funeral on her own if she wanted as he will be late because he needs to wake up Hiralal too. Hiralal’s shop was nearly 1 km away from Ayesha’s home. Ayesha tried to stop her cousin, in order to go with him to the funeral at that late hour but he couldn’t listen to her and ran away. 


Feeling depressed Ayesha realized that her house is not far away from her uncle’s home and she hardly needs to cover only 250m of distance. Thereafter, without wasting a second Ayesha hurried towards her uncle’s home. Due to the late hour at night Ayesha couldn’t manage a vehicle so she started walking down the road. Carrying a depressed heart Ayesha was somehow managing to walk along the dark and scary night at 2am but soon she started frightening. As she was walking down the road she could watch the dead of night and feel its eerie silence. Her “tak-tak” noise of footsteps along with the croaking noise of frogs could only break the silence of the night. Shaking in terror along with the rapid heartbeat Ayesha started chanting some religious prayer and walked fast. First slowly and then loudly she continued chanting the prayer in order to gain confidence and avoid the scary night. 

Almost passed 5-10 min when Ayesha gradually feels little calm. But at the same time she feels as if someone is following her. Being frightened again she slightly turned back and got surprised.

What was there? Who was he?

She saw a man with blurred face wearing a long white cassock. She then recognized he was a rabbi (peer sahab) just behind her back. She abruptly looks forward and while chanting prayer Ayesha realized that rabbi was the one who died long back. She didn’t thought about it a second and was just walking swiftly without looking back anymore. Finally when she reached her uncle’s home she once again turned back but found no one. Ayesha had a feeling that rabbi had left her by then only.

night sketch

After the funeral and in the next morning when Ayesha woke up she was suddenly struck by the last thoughtful night. She was thinking back and again whether there was really the rabbi’s soul or it was her hallucination. If it wasn’t actual then how come she suddenly gained confidence and could walk so fast. She felt like rabbi was protecting her as she was scared for the dead of night. Ayesha shared the experience with many but nobody believed her. They all laughed at her. They said that this thing never happened with them though they believe in God too then why it will only happen with Ayesha.

Ayesha couldn’t solve the mystery but deep in her heart she could feel the blessings of rabbi whom she trust. It was her divine love for rabbi and believe in God that she was harmlessly suffered through that dead of night. Ayesha closed her eyes, smiled and thanked God. Then she got busy with her life again.

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