Aruna Prasad

Old is Gold, but not all the time

Old is gold but not all the times.

 I am becoming weak day by day. I couldn't hear properly or see properly. I am unable to understand the instructions. I am loosing my sense of touch also. There was a time I used to be young and energetic. I still remember the day I entered this house. I was young and beautiful. Everyone wanted to see me again and again. They craved to touch me . But with the permission of my man only. On the first day itself, I observed how arrogant my mil was. She just sat there like a queen in a veil. She never moved. Along with her sat my elder co sister. I think my mil was unable to move. On the first day itself, I took charge of the house. Multitasking ,if you give a form to that word that's me. Yeah, I may sound proud but that's the truth. I think my mil's generation never even imagined doing such things in their wildest dreams. I was there everywhere. I did everything. I woke the whole family in the morning. I made them do exercises. I was in the kitchen. I was at the dining table. I tutored children. Cleared their doubts. Did the shopping. Played with the children. Showed them movies. Taught them arts. Managed the accounts of the family. Went to office with my man. Helped him in the office. Went on tours with the family. Guided them on routes. Entertained the whole family. Maintained the public relations. That was what my mil was good at I think. Saying hi, hello. After my arrival she stopped that work also. She couldn't move but my elder co sister could move. Ofcourse, within the house only. But she acted on the instructions of mil only. That's their bonding. They always sat together. I never cared. In fact, we never talked much. But gradually I started becoming weak. Anyone will. So much multitasking. I never had time to eat and sleep. In the beginning I used to have food in time and sleep properly. But when children got used to me they used to come and play with me. When I sat for eating or went to a nap they used to wake me up and asked to play with them or tell them stories or show them movies. After all, they are children. How can I say no to them? I used to oblige. But because of all this multi tasking I started feeling weak. I couldn't take food properly. I think my time has come. But, I have two worries. What happens to me? Will I die? Will they throw me out? And one more concern is who will take my place? My mil? Or my elder co sister? Can they handle the responsibilities? What happens to the family? That worry haunted me. But time waits for none. It does it's work. The day has come. I fell down and became unconscious. They put me on saline it seems. Slowly I regained consciousness and when I opened my eyes, I saw my man sitting near my mil. I saw him lifting her wail.I heard him speaking to someone " please call me on the landline for a few days. My Mobile's battery has become weak. It's not working properly. I have to change the battery. And see what are the new mobiles in the market, please let me know. I will give this to my son and buy a new one for me." Huh. Thank God. I'm going to have a heart transplantation and will get some rest. And choti will come and take care of the house. Not my old mil or co-sister. Change is permanent. They say old is gold but not all the times. 

Are you still thinking who am I? Ohh, I am a 4G phone and my mil is landline and my co sister is cordless. Got it? Haha.

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