Suravi Ganguli

The beautiful horror dream

It was around 2:50 in the night ..my sleep breaks with a mysterious sound..the tiktok of the clock is echoing on my head..i saw my secret room is opened...but how? No-one knows the code except me???

Some days ago i started researching on a theory of subconsious mind..what we think in subconcious mind it automatically comes true in our daily life..and it also includes the paranormal activities..what do we think of ghosts are real or only our sub consious mind's creativity....

It is a big debet for the world that ghosts are real or not..

Once there was a murder in our village..the next day one of my uncle saw the person but i didnt believ it..from that day i started researching on it..

How can a person come after death??

I decided to go to the gravyard and see who comes ..

I went to the gravyard at night and asked loudly to come anyone..no one comes..suddenly my eyes were dark ..my body was shivering ..i had goosebumps.when i saw someone was starring on me with glazzing eyes..i didnt understand what to do next..it was not my subconsious mind.i can feel it all.!!

I ran away from there as soon as possible for me..i came home and drank water ..but again i saw my secret room was opened ..i got the point.. i entered the room and saw the paranormal activity research blueprint paper was there..i went to the police..suddenly with a sharp ringing sound i opened my eyes and oopppsss..my alarm is ringing..what?? What was it??? It was my dream???...everything was my dream??..my subconsious minds creativity??...fewh..anyways..i woke up and again got shocked i saw my secret room was open .. and as seen in my dream the paper (Paranormal activity investigating blueprint)was there..i didnt understand anything and went to the police..i drawed the sketch of that person whom i saw in my dreams and the police officer was shocked enough.he told that the sketched person was murdered last night..i asked him to go to the gravyard..we went there..we saw a mobile and a pen..investigation starts and the criminal was handcuffed and putten in jail..it was all clear..police investigated everything and putted the criminal in jail...!!but still now..i can't understand the incident.. what was there??is someone's soul wants to tell me the truth behind his murder?.is there any paranormal activity happened or it was just only my sub consious mind's creativity...haha..u say.!By the way..my secret room's code was"AFTERDEATH"...

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