Joyeta Das

INTRUSION IN LIFE - A crime thriller short story

She was a little girl with simple dreams like other little girls,she also want to become a wife,like her mother.she wanted to be an ideal wife like her mother.Her name is Advika,which means unique.Her mother kept her name Advika because like meaning of her name she is really a unique child for mother.


                      Aside of getting married and be an ideal wife,she wants to become a doctor as she loves to do treatment,loves to take care of others and wants to save life of people.But due to her father's less income she can't fullfil her dream to become a doctor,so as she grew she started to think of her love life,she always want a loyal husband.In Advika's mind one thing always strike,as she is not educated she is only 5pass girl from a poor family,will she get a person who will love her unconditionally.


                         She always stays with her mother.She use to think why her father use to beat her,scold her,she always ask her mother,"maa why papa beats me everytime,why papa don't like or love me?" and everytime she ask this questions to her mother,there was a complete silence and sadness in her mother's face.She could understand something her mother is hiding from her but she never understood.


                 As the time went,she grew up as a beautiful teenage girl,she is now 15.And she work as a servent in a house with her mother.There she met a boy name Anshul,she like him but as she was a servent she never got guts to confess her feel to Anshul.Now a days her father is totally in bed-rest, as he is not well.So she and her mother both use to work as a servant for their income.


                    One day the boy who was also a teenage boy of 17year old,noticed Advika.He noticed, as he orders anything to her,Advika becomes very happy to serve him.Anshul also use to enjoy Advika's service.Now a days Anshul started to look after her,give some cherishful smile to her,use to talk to her,started responding her by giving her nice looks amd smiles.Advika use to be very happy,she thought maybe Anshul like her,she started thinking that her mind set was so incorrect that she thought she can't have a true lover,who will love her soul unconditionally other than seeing her background,and Advika started her day dream with Anshul, gradually she started to think maybe Anshul loves her unconditionally, knowing her background knowing her illiteracy still he love her.Now a days,Anshul started to give some gifts to her occasionally.


                    On a fine day,Advika decided to confess her feelings to Anshul.As she confessed her feelings, Anshul hold her hands tight and tell her that he also love her a lot.That day Advika was above the world,she was so happy she never thought being a rich person he will still love her so much.All were good between them for atleast 3 to 4weeks.After that on a rainy day, Advika's mother was unable to go to work cause her father was not well so her mother has to take care of her father,her mother told Advika to go to work.She was very happy because after 10am Anshul's mother and father go out for work and Anshul and she will be all alone at home,she and Anshul can spend a plenty of time together.


                            She went for work in Anshul's house and gradually his mother and father left for work,now Anshul and Advika was all alone.Advika was in kitchen making lunch and dinner for Anshul's family.Suddenly Advika felt someone is behind her,she looked around she saw it was Anshul, Anshul grab her and gave her a tight hug for a long time.Whereas,Advika was feeling butterflies in her stomach,she was feeling happy andloved.She also was little sacred as all this touches was for first time for her.Suddenly Anshul leave her and tells her to bring some water in his room,and he is waiting for her.She served him water in his room,then all of a sudden Anshul pull Advika towards him, grabbed her tight and throw her in the bed.Anshul went so close tried to kiss on her lips,but Advika pushed him and tried to go from the room,but Anshul was not letting her to go, grabbed her so tight that she said Anshul several times,"Anshul leave me you are hurting me,you are holding me so tight!". Anshul put finger on her lips and asked her "Do you love me Advika?",Advika replied,"Yes, Anshul i love you so much". Then Anshul told her,if you really love me then you have to be intimate,but she was still not agreeing.Also Anshul told,if u don't intimate then I'll leave you, I'll think you never loved me and also he added everyone does this and its not wrong to do and in future they will get married you should not be scared as i also love you so much,he said Advika,for the sake of love, you have to do it.


                In that short time,Advika couldn't decide what should she do or not do.She was so confused and afraid.She don't want to loose her first love whom she loves so much.At the end Anshul came close to her tried to intimate with her and she said no I won't do but that doesn't mean i love u,i love you so much but before marriage i won't do all these.But Anshul showed his real face and for what he act to love her was cleared and he didn't listen to her anymore and pushed her in the bed hold her hand tight and after a while she was craving in vaginal pain,after a while she tried to pushed him away,but she was unable to do so.Her sad women-body was feeling so beaten.She was thinking when her father use to beat her that was less painful than this pain.She was shouting, requesting him to leave her but he hold her mouth with his hand so tight,she was mourning in pain,crying loud, trying to aside him,but she was failed to do anything.


                Now she was thinking maybe she will die in that pain,she was thinking once she heard form her married friend that intimacy is very pleasuring and joyful but she was not feeling so.Later on,still she tried to move him away, tried to leave from his grab in each an everyway she could but she was failed.She accepted the pain and stop trying.After a while, suddenly Anshul leaves her and told her don't cry I'm done with my work.He told her,go to bathroom you servant.Idiot you are bleeding,go wash yourself fast,otherwise everyone will come.She was shocked with his behaviour and what he did.She went to the bathroom freshen herself and came,she was so in pain that she was unable to walk properly,she was crying and asked Anshul,why you did this to me?how can you hurt me so much as u told u love me,Anshul smiled and replied,"Advika in my life what I've done till now everything is just to enjoy my life".She was in her vaginal pain, physical pain and on other hand she was also in shock by the words of Anshul.Advika asked him,our intimacy?our love? isn't that true for you?or our love and intimacy was just only a enjoyment for you?Anshul just smile and told her, do your work and never ever try to talk to me and Anshul went out of the house for a walk.


                       Advika was all alone in the house,she was crying, regretting over everything that had happened, regretting on her dicission of loving Anshul.She was so small when her father use to beat her as she was a girl not a boy child and now she is been treated like this by the person she loved so much.She couldn't accept the truth.She thought all men are not like her father,she will get a lover who will love her more than anyone else.She thought how will she show her face to her mother,how will she tell all these to her mother,as her mother is already worried about her father's health,what will happen with her future no one will accept her,she lost all faith in love,all faith from every men in the world.


                  She was thinking many things,her mind was full of many negative,sad thoughts.She was thinking first her dream of becoming a doctor can't be fulfilled and now her second dream of becoming a ideal wife like her mother was also stayed unfulfilled.She was in pain can't walk properly,went upstairs of the house.Started thinking more and more,she stands at the end of the roof and was crying hard,she looked down she saw she was bleeding.She shouted as loud she could ,and jump from the 4th floor of the house,where her all pains and all dreams also jumped and put no existence like her.



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