Shirisha Pati


He told his name was Freddy.

Freddy Johnson.

He's gone.

No records. Nothing. Poof- he's gone.

Unanswered emails and all his calls went straight to voicemail. 

Once again, Marigold opened his chat and read all her recent texts. Fresh tears filled her eyes. 

According to the police, there is no one named Freddy Johnson. He's either her imagination or some high-class criminal whom she sheltered for six months.

Freddy was a fake identity of a man who pretended to be her boyfriend. But she wanted him to be back in her life again.

He always said that he was a private person and he was afraid of cameras. So she doesn't even have a photograph of him. So there was no way the police could help her or she could help them. But she and Freddy went shopping a couple of times. Marigold hoped, the CCTV would help.

Suddenly, her phone rang. The police had a lead and she has to be there in person to confirm if the person they're suspicious about has any similarities with Freddy.

When she reached the address, she was stunned by the massive building which stood before her- Mason Enterprises. 

"Wh-Why are we here?" She asked. 

The police officer went to the massive white reception desk and asked, "I would like to meet Mr. Edward Mason, please."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"Yes, I booked an appointment under urgent and unavoidable circumstances."

After checking with her computer, the lady behind the desk asked them to wait for a while. 

Finally, a man appeared at the door, a familiar figure to Marigold. His blonde hair was replaced with an ink-black one. His ocean blue eyes were gone, it was replaced with a pair of deep dark eyes. 

Her Freddy... he was not. He was not her Freddy. The man who appeared before her was filthy rich in his expensive suits accompanied by a beautiful young lady with her iPad elegantly tucked. Her head couldn't process anything at this moment.

Mr. Ajmera, the police officer turned and nudged Marigold,

"Ms. Marigold Paris, meet Mr. Edward Mason or.... should I say your Freddy?" 

"Thank you, Mr. Ajmera. I would like a moment with Marigold, myself."

Everyone left the room leaving Marigold alone with him to the four suffocating walls which she wish could crush her to death.

"Why?" Despite her trying hard to hold back her tears, they flowed; embarrassing her, making her look like an emotional cucumber. 

"Goldie, listen to me..." 

Marigold knew who Edward Mason was. She freaking knew this name. Son of Parker Mason. How can she ever erase this name out of her system when he's on the top of her most despised list. Her life was nothing but a whole bunch of lies. She was not only deceived but she was being played on, like his new toy.

"Stop. Stop right there, Mason. Yo-you know... Mason you know I hate you deep in my bones..." She sank and the expensive cushion caught her limp self. "Why did you do this to me? You knew I- I hate you more than anyone else in the world, Edward Mason!"

He appeared beside her in a blink and held her sobbing and trembling body in his strong hands. She hated me even more now as her body automatically seek solace in his arms. 

"Goldie, listen to me, baby."

"DON'T YOU DARE BABY ME. You knew me, right? I was the one who's stupid in our relationship. You changed your name, your identity and I let you play with my heart. Six months. Freddy.... you fooled me for six months." 

He had nothing to say. 

Marigold's brother worked for his father. She should have kept track of the company name change. It was called Parker Enterprises five years before. 

Her brother was sent to New York for a project from this company. Two months later she received ten thousand dollars in cash from the company with a statement that her brother is no more. They valued her brother's life for a mere ten thousand dollars. How can she ever forgive or forget these monsters in her life? 

She moved to Italy after her mother passed away. I never thought she would be back in London. All those years she kept herself away from all the affairs with London. When she came back, she met Freddy. They fell in love; he was a freelancer and was not strong enough to support her financially, or she thought that way. 

She thought Freddy was the key to make her want to stay in London. He was the reason she fell in love with London once again pushing back all the bad memories. Just another moment, she was sitting in front of one of the filthy richest man, Edward Mason alias Freddy Johnson.

"Goldie, give me a chance to explain, will you? Please, Gold..."

"You have no right to call me that. Ju-just tell me why Fre- Mr. Mason. Just give me one valid reason. Was it fun? You are a sadist." She spat each and every word with passionate hatred and venom. 

"Goldie, I was there with your brother in New York. We went together. And....."

"Are you sewing another fake story of yours? Do you think I'd believe you after knowing who you are? Do I still look stupid to you Mr. Mason?"

He ignored her small voice and finished his sentence and that pulled the breath out of her lungs for a moment. "..... and your brother isn't dead."

"What did you just say?" Her eyes widened in shock. 

She did not expect that. Among all the other things she could predict, she did not see this coming.

"Goldie, I was there with your brother in Newyork. We went together. He always told me that he was the only earner in your family. We had a mishap there and we lost contact. I thought he is no more. The guilt that my employee died and I couldn't save him, ate me up from inside. I wanted to do something for him. When I heard of your mother's death, all I could think of was you. I decided to take care of you but I knew you hated me. I had no other choice than this. I lived a life as Freddy, who you loved, and who loves you."

She said nothing. His words did affect her but she looked everywhere but him.

"And a few days back, I got to know that Kade is alive, Goldie," he said as he came closer to her. "And I will find him no matter what. Trust me on this."

Marigold's heart told her to trust him. He may have cheated her but she wanted to find her brother. Kade was his only family now if he was alive.

"Where is he?" She asked.

"In New York," he replied. "I am going there tomorrow."

"I will come with you."

Edward had no other option than taking her with him. He tried to protest but Marigold convinced him. So here they were landing in New York, in search of her brother.

"What is the plan?" She asked as we moved towards his penthouse in New York.

They were inside Edward's car after a few hours and he drove at his highest speed to reach Kade. They stopped in front of a cottage.

Fifteen minutes had passed since Edward went inside and they were the longest fifteen minutes of Marigold's life. He had said he would call her if it was safe inside but he had not. She decided to check on. She climbed down the car and moved towards a window of the cottage.

"But why?" She saw Edward speaking. "You were the most trustworthy employee of mine."

"That's what I didn't want to be." She heard his voice, her brother's, Kade.

"I didn't want to be an employee. I wanted to be the boss. That's why I looted all your materials and pretended to be dead. I have a new identity now."

She finally saw him.

"I came just to get the answers of why did you cheat us. Even your mother's death didn't bother you. Don't worry. I will not tell anything to Marigold. You are still alive just because you are her brother." Edward said.

I felt like the land under her feet slipped. Her brother was so mean. Money was all he wanted. She couldn't believe what she just heard.

She walked back to the car and sat inside. She was shaken by this revelation. Soon, she realized Edward sitting on the driver's seat.

"We got the wrong information. Maybe Kade is really dead. I am really sorry, Goldie." he said to her as he started the engine.

She looked at him. He was doing all this only because of her. She was ashamed of her brother. How can he cheat someone like Edward?

"Edward," she called him with his real name for the first time.

He looked at her.

"I am sorry, Ed," she said. "Let's go back to London, together."

He just smiled at her as he drove.

"More money on the way." Marigold texted to Kade. 

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