Deep Singha Mahato

The Girl On The Road: A Short Story

Waking on the silent road I was wondering 'Why does boss always assign all the work to me, ahh I am tired.'

When suddenly I bumped into Disha, my old school friend, whom I met last week only, a girl of 5'5"", long hairs, beautiful deep black eyes, strawberry pink lips, fair complexion, and good figure. She was wearing this black kurta with simple blue jeans and was looking really good.

 ""Sorry, I didn't noticed you, but what are you doing here at this time of the day.""

""It's okay.""

She sounded weird and didn't responded to my second question.

""Btw dumbo your house is on the opposite side of this way, why are you going this way, come let's walk home together, anyway my home will come 10 mins before you.""

She started walking with me without a word.

""Why are you acting so weird, c'mon say something now"" I questioned her again.

I realized someone was following me for sometime and then disappeared at sudden.

""Disha, I think someone was following us, let's reach quickly.""

She nodded.

Disha and I reached outside my home.

""Would you like to come in and I will ask my brother to drop you home,it's late""

""No, I will walk by myself.""

She said and left.

I looked at her, because she was strange that night, I entered my house and slept because I was tired.

_Disha was walking home in the middle of night, when two men grabbed her from the back, took her to a silent place, beside the big bridge which was deserted since long.

""Leave me please let me go, please let me go, don't do this, let me go please, please let me go home..leave me...noooooooo..""

Disha was screaming loudly to the people forcing her in the middle of night._ 


I shouted and woke up from the dream and it was lately 4 in the morning, I rubbed my eye aggressively and realised it was a scary dream. But I was worried and tensed so I rushed to the hall and went straight to my dad's room, on the way I saw the newspaper where Disha's pictures captured my attention.

I picked up the newspaper in hurry, it was dated as of the previous morning, 9th July...and..A girl named Disha Mehra in black kurta and blue jeans, black long hairs, with a bag, from Jagat colony, Kunjganj is missing from 7th July 2020 while her way to home. Police are trying there best to search for her. If you notice her anywhere inform the police immediately*

The newspaper fell out of my hands and I was shocked as the date I read on calendar was 10th July and the news was of 7th July, where I met Disha only the night before.

I realised she is missing from 2 days and now I knew where she is.

I rushed to my dad.

""Dad, dad, please wake up, I need to tell you something.""

I told my dad everything, he first refused to believe me, but when I showed him the news he agreed, he asked me to wait for some hours as we can't go to police station at this hour of the day.

We waited.

I couldn't sleep as I met a girl who is missing and I couldn't understand, what's happening. I was worried about her and I wanted to save her at any cost.

Next morning.

We rushed to Police at 9 am in the morning and my father told them everything, they couldn't believe me as I met a girl in perfect condition who was missing from last 3 days now and they refused to take action on stupid dreams. 

""If anything happens to the girl you will be the one responsible.""

I said in anger.

They agreed and accompanied me to the big deserted bridge, on the side way Police found a body of a young girl and she was.... DISHA.

She was dead.

I couldn't believe as I met a girl who was dead. 

The body was taken to her parent's, they broked on the news and cried to hell.

Me and My Dad returned home, without a word, we couldn't believe what just Happened. I was disturbed and broken. I lost a good friend but she saved me, or to say her good soul saved me. I never used to believe in souls or afterlife but after this incident I started believing in them.

""I am blessed that I had a friend like you, may your soul rest in peace Disha.""

And tears dropped from my eyes while looking at her picture.

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