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Story of world famous sculptor Antonio Canova and his artworks

Antonio Canova was a good and young boy who lived in Italy many years ago. Due to his father's sudden death, he used to live with his grandfather. His grandfather was very poor. He was earning his bread and butter by cutting stones.

Antonio had a very bad physique. He was too weak to work. He was not fond of playing with his friend, rather he likes to go to the stone yard with his grandfather. Antonio was mostly found playing with the chips in the yard at the time when his grandfather was busy cutting and trimming the stones. He liked to cut the statues out of the stones and blocks. Not only does he like to do so, but also he had great skills in it. His grandfather was happy and satisfied to see Antonio’s work. His father used to say that he will be a stone sculptor in the future. And it seems, he was going to fulfill his father's dream.

Every evening, when they returned home, grandmother used to ask Antonio about his activities of the day. She mostly called him “little sculptor”. His grandmother used to tell him different stories to fill his mind with beautiful pictures which he used to try to create the next day in the stone yard.

The Count was a very rich man who lived in the same town. He usually held parties at his home for his other rich friends. Antonio’s grandfather was often called for cooking for his cooking skills. Once, Antonio went to Count’s house with his grandfather.

At the time, Antonio could not cook anything. However, he helped his grandfather in washing the dishes and serving the meal. Suddenly, a crash was heard in the dining room. A servant had broken a stone statue. All the servants were in a problem for this. Antonio left the dishes and pots and went to the dining room.

Antonio asked the man about the problem. He further proposed, “If you set up the table you can get the same statue back” But the man shouted and doesn’t allow Antonio to do so. The other servants agreed to this proposal. Finally, he was allowed to rebuild the statue again.

They had 200 pounders fresh butter lump on the kitchen table. Antonio started his work with a small knife. He molded a statue of a crouching lion from the square lump of fresh butter in a few minutes. All the servants were gathered around him in wonder. They were amazed at his skills. The statue was placed back on the table.

After some time, Count came to the dining table with his friends. All his friends praised the statue. It was a great surprise for every person including Count. He asked his head servant about the statue. The head servant told the Count that the statue is molded by a young boy just a few minutes ago. Count asked the servant to call that young boy.

The count said to Antonio, “oh lad, you have done a great job. Who has taught you this art?”

“I am Antonio Canova. I have no teacher. I live with my grandfather and grandmother. My grandfather is a stone-cutter” he answered.

All the friends of Count gathered around the young lad in awe. They were so much amazed to see the beautiful work Antonio. They praised and honored him to sit with them for the dinner. There were many famous artists among the Count’s friends. But, they all were in shock at the clean and professional work done by the young Antonio.

On the next day, the Count invited Antonio to live in his company. He also arranged the world’s best teachers for Antonio Canova to teach him the art he is good at. Soon the Antonio showed great skills in chiseling the marble and stones. In a very short time, Antonio Canova became the world’s famous sculptor and crafted the most popular statues like Theseus, The Three Graces, the lion, Pauline Borghese as venus, Perseus, cupid and psyche, and many more.

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