Carli Williamson

Under the Stars

     As the cold breeze brushed through their hair, as they sat in front of the giant fire watching as the flames danced to the sizzle and cracking of the wood, as the flames rose higher almost touching the clouds and swooped lower barley touching the ground in the night sky.
     Octavia looked up at the sky then slowly laid back feeling the long sharp cold blades of grass between her fingers. Theo watched Octavia as she laid their glancing at the sky lost in her own little world. Theo leaned back keeping his eyes on the girl as she took a breath, gasped for a breath as the sky lit up with bright colors that washed over the dark obnious sky.
     Theo was fixated on Octavias every move as she slowly turned looking up at Theo, he quickly looked up at the sky took in a deep breath. Octavia watched him intently till he let out his breath Octavia smiled turned back towards the sky when she felt a soft warm touch on her chin as he lifted her head up, as they locked eyes everything seemed to disappear. The music muffled as the colorful starry sky blended with the flames wrapping them up in this moment making time its self stop.
     As they laid there staring into each other's eyes, Theo pulled Octavia close she laid against him her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat, her hand resting against his collarbone as she lightly traced her fingers against his skin. His hand gently on her waist, his pinky on her shorts and his ring finger lightly touching her warm flesh.
     The moon filled the bright colorful starry sky with light translucent clouds that outlined the edge of the horizon. A light breeze brushed through the trees that sent a tickle as it slithered across their warm flesh pulling them closer together under the starry night sky. 

                 By Carli Williamson

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