Ishita Sinha

The Abandoned House




“Who’s there?? Who’s there? Shouted Riddhima.

The shadow was still standing there and continued to glare at her. She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She whispered “HELP” and before she could say anything she fainted and fell to the ground, motionless.

           Nikhil and Riddhima were newly wedded couple. Nikhil worked at an MNC and Riddhima worked in a private firm. Both were a very happy couple and enjoying their life. Within 4 months of their marriage, Nikhil got transferred to Jaipur. The couple were very excited for their new journey and upcoming adventures, unaware of what was waiting for them.

Finally, the day had arrived. They bid adieu to their friends and relatives and moved towards the airport. They boarded 1hour before the flight. After doing all the formalities at the airport they went to the waiting area and made some chit chat about the new place.

Suddenly Nikhil’s phone rang. It was the broker whom Nikhil asked for a house on rent.

“Hello, Is this Nikhil Babu? Ghani Khamma Sir. This is Bhairav Singh, The broker. I got a very beautiful house for you. It is two-stored house with a beautiful garden. The rent is only 10k. The owner of the house lives Abroad so he wants a good family for his house to live in. But….”

“But what Bhairav ji?” asked Nikhil

“The house is not in the proper city. It is 15 kms far away from the city. It’s near a village and there is no pollution and noise around “

“Ok Bhairav Ji, make it final. We will go there tomorrow morning. Pick up us from Hotel Royal Empire at 10 AM sharp. See you.”

“Ok Nikhil Babu, see you, Ram-Ram sa.”

Dusk had fallen when Nikhil and Riddhima walked out of the exit gate of Jaipur Airport. It was the month of December and a chilly winter welcomed them for the very first time to the Pink City.

They reached to the hotel. They were very tired and exhausted. They had their dinner and slept.

Next morning Bhairav Singh arrived on time and they started their journey towards their new house.

“Wow! Its beautiful Nikhil.” Riddhima was mesmerized by the beauty of the house, its garden and the surroundings.

They entered the house. The house was furnished with a wonderful interior. Riddhima was astonished by the cheap rent for such a big furnished house. But Nikhil was happy with the profitable deal.

Soon they became busy with their daily chores. Nikhil was busy with his new work place. On the other hand Riddhima got engaged with the makeover of their new house. But Riddhima felt the presence of someone in the house. She often said Nikhil about the presence of an invisible someone, but Nikhil ignored her.                

“O come on darling. These are just an illusion. As you stay all alone in the house for the whole day these are your misconception. Why don’t you start working again?? This would help you to rid get off these false notions.” Said Nikhil

“Maybe you are right. Its almost 2 months we have settled here. “sighed Riddhima.

“That’s the spirit. I am feeling hungry .. May we have our dinner now, ma’am?

Riddhima rushed to the kitchen.

While preparing the dinner she felt a gush of air in her neck. She thought its Nikhil and turned at once.

“Stop it Nikhil . Don’t be naut……”

Nobody was there. She scared for a while and then thought Nikhil tried to make her scare. She shouted at him.

“Stop playing spooky pranks on me Nikhil.”                                      

Nikhil was shocked.

“what are you saying darling? I am watching television. I didn’t move from my place”.

She didn’t bother him and got into the kitchen.

It was mid night. Everywhere there was dead silence. Riddhima was still awake thinking about the incident. She consoled herself by making her understand that its chilling cold outside. Maybe its air. She was about to sleep, suddenly she heard a tapping sound in the door next room.

She woke up Nikhil. Nikhil also heard the sound. But as he was very tired, he said nothing is there dear. Its because of wind the windows are clattering.

Next day Nikhil went to his office and Riddhima started looking for job on job sites. It was around 1 o’clock Nikhil called Riddhima and informed about his upcoming official tour.

“Darling, I have to go on tour today for 2 days. Please pack my bag. I am on my way. We will have our lunch together.”

Riddhima packed his bag and went to kitchen to prepare some sandwiches for Nikhil. She lit the gas oven and turned to take out eggs from refrigerators. Suddenly her shawl flew and fall on the gas oven. The shawl started burning. Somehow, she managed by putting water on it.

Nikhil entered the house and got the burning smell. He rushed to the kitchen and found the burning shawl. Riddhima was in awe sitting beside. He shook her and shouted, “what happened Riddhi? Many a times I told you be careful in kitchen. “

Riddhima was dumb out of fear. After asking so many times she spoke in a very low voice,

“It was a gush of air which flew my shawl into the fire. But how is it possible? All the doors and windows were shut. There were no possibilities of such sudden gush of air. Trust me Nikhil something is wrong with this house. That’s why the owner rented it so cheap. Please postpone your tour.”

Nikhil managed to postpone his tour. For next some days everything was going well. In between she got a job as well. Now everything was normal. Riddhima was busy with her job and house. They were spending quality time on weekends.

One day while Nikhil was on his official tour, after coming back from office Riddhima spoke to Nikhil over phone, had her dinner and got into her room. She started reading but was feeling very sleepy., so she put off the light and laid down. She closed her eyes but suddenly she felt somebody is sitting beside her.

She opened her eyes and put on the lights. But nobody was there. She thought it might be her hallucination. She again put off the light and laid down. She felt the same again and put on the light on. She was very scared. Horribly scared , she spent her whole night awake sitting

Next morning Nikhil came back from tour. Riddhima narrated the entire incident. Nikhil was worried this time. He had also felt something unnatural in that house but never told Riddhima about that.

It was weekend, they decided to spend the day together by visiting nearby forts. Post dinner they came back late in their house. Both were tired, and resigned to their bed, suddenly they heard someone is breathing hard beside them. This time both felt the same at the same time and starred at each other with fear in their eyes. It was enough for them, horrified they somehow managed to spend that night. Next day was Sunday,they decided to spend the day by looking for another house in city. Riddhima was preparing breakfast and Nikhil was roaming in the garden.

He saw a villager passing by and asked about the house. The villager seemed very scared.

On the other hand, Riddhima was about to called Nikhil for breakfast., Suddenly she saw a shadow standing at the doorstep of the kitchen.

“Who’s there?? Who’s there? Shouted Riddhima.

The shadow was still standing there and continued to glare at her. She tried to scream, but no sound came out. She whispered “HELP” and before she could say anything she fainted and fell to the ground, motionless.


Hearing the thud, Nikhil along with that villager rushed into the house and found Riddhima lying on the floor. there were blood strains everywhere. Nikhil was horrified at the sight, but managed to find his composure, the villager immediately sprayed some water on the face of Riddhima who regained her consciousness but was still in a state of shock. She narrated the incident to Nikhil and the villager.

“ye ghar chor do saheb , is ghar mein koi nahi rah payega “ – screamed the villager

Hearing the screams some more local villagers had rushed to the spot by now, and they were all looking scared.

“nandu kisi ko rehne nahi dega yaha ! us bechare ko Insaaf nahi mila “ an elderly voice was heard.

“Riddhi, lets immediately move to a hotel in the city with our belongings till we find a new home, I cannot take any chance now” said Nikhil.


“Hey Bro, Nice to see you after a long time” said Nikhil on meeting his childhood friend Abhay who was now SP -Jaipur.

Nikhil and Riddhima had now shifted to a new flat in the city, Abhay was just transferred from Udaipur and on knowing that Nikhil was in the same city had come over to meet him.

“Long time mate so good to see you “said Abhay and smiled

“Coffee or Tea ?” asked Riddhima

“Coffee will do “smiled Abhay as he noticed the injuries on Ridhima’s face and forehead

Nikhil narrated the whole incident to Abhay and said he is suspecting some foul play, he advised Abhay to probe this case with the help of the local villagers.

“Thanks, Bhabhi, for the lovely dinner “Abhay waived goodbye


“Hey Nikhil , what are you doing tonight , please come over to my place with Bhabhi and we will have dinner together, also I have got some news for you “ said Abhay over the phone. Nikhil agreed to this proposal immediately.

“Thanks Nikhil, we have cracked a very old case from your tips” smiled Abhay as he narrated the incident.

The house belonged to a drug dealer, who stayed outside and used the house for carrying out his illegal activity, there was a caretaker who used to reside in the house , once while overseeing the transportation the caretaker got electrocuted , fearing police action , the owner decided to kill him and bury his body underneath . From that day, the owner shifted his activities to another place. The owner was already on the hit list of local Police

“We dug out the floor and found the remains, thanks to you and the co-operative villagers “said Abhay .

As they returned to their house, Nikhil and Riddhima happily starred at each other after a long time .. 😊

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