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The Endless Tale- A short story for fun

Once upon a time, there was an Emperor in the Far East. He had a lot of free time, having nothing to do. He was fond of listening to stories. He never got bored with stories, even the very long stories never decrease his interest in the story. He mostly used to say, "There is only one fault that I find with your story, it is too short”.

Almost all the storytellers from many countries were invited to the prestigious fort for telling the best and longest stories they had. All the storytellers did their best. Many of the stories were too long to hear with complete attention. But the king was still not happy with these stories. He was looking for an endless story. Therefore, he decided to send an invitation to every city and town of all the countries present on the planet Earth and declared a prize for a person who tells the King an endless tale.

He declared that the person who tells him an endless story, he will be allowed to marry his most beautiful daughter. Moreover, that storyteller will be the king after him.

There was another aspect of the declaration which was actually heart-trembling. He said that if a person attempts this challenge and fails, his head will be chopped off.

The king’s daughter was very beautiful that the young men in the country were ready to accept any challenge to marry her. But no one wanted to lose his life for the princess.

A talented young man attempted to tell an everlasting story to the king. After 3 months, he could not add any further chapters to the story. His fate became a moral lesson for others who were thinking to invent an endless story.

A stranger from the South made an entry in the palace and asked the king have you declared a prize for a person who tells an endless story? The king answered with a “yes”. The man further asked about marrying his daughter and becoming his heir after successfully telling the never ending story. The king again said yes, but also remind him about the consequences of failure.

The young man confidently said, “I have an endless tale”.

The king ordered him to tell the story.

He started,

“Once a ruler of a country stored all the corn crop in the safe granary. A group of horrible locusts came and started searching for a way to reach the grains. The locust succeeded to find a little hole in the granary on the Eastside. But the hole was so short that one locust could enter and escape with a single grain at a time. So, one locust entered and taken out grain corn; then another locust entered and taken out grain corn; then another locust entered and taken out grain corn.

The days, weeks, even the months passed and he carried on saying, “then another locust entered and taken out a grain corn”.

At the end of two years, the king tiredly asked, “How many grains of corn are yet to be taken”?

The man said, “Locusts have only taken one cubit while hundreds of the cubits are present in the granary. The King got angry and said, “Go, marry my daughter, become King and rule the country. I don’t want to listen to the story anymore”.

The young man did the same and started a happy life. But the Ex-King never wanted to hear any story after that.


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