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The Stick Man - A Short story of mischief

There was great enthusiasm among the students of the second grade at St. Maria’s. It was, as usual, their last and favorite class of the day. All students loved to attend the painting class given by the Mr. Edward. But Jason Peter was happiest of them all. He had exchanged his pencil with the magic pencil of his class fellow Steve in his absence. Steve had made the whole class begrudge all through their semester.

During class, Mr. Edward taught them a new type of drawing called stick form. He drew a stick man on the whiteboard. He instructed the class to make a copy of it in their notebooks. After completing the class, all the class rushed to their homes.

After reaching home, Jason showed his drawing to his father. His father applauded him for his work. After this, Jason left for the ground on his cycle to play with his friends. He played there till evening, and by 7, he was quickly asleep in his room. His room was decorated with the paintings of his favorite cartoon characters.

The lights were turned off in his room. Only the moonlight was coming through the open window. The notebook was at the study table beside his bed. The gentle wind coming through the window as flipping the pages of the notebook. Suddenly, the drawn stick man jumped out of the notebook.

The stick man was delighted to see himself in the mirror. He was like praising himself. Suddenly he decided to draw more stickmen like himself. He took Jason's notebook and drew more stickmen like him using the magic pencil. In no time, dozens of stick man jumped from the notebook.

The stickmen started dancing and playing in the house. They mocked and fought each other. Some of them started playing soccer in the dining room. They destroy the garden and dirtied the floor with the mud of the garden. They spread the clothes from the laundry all over the house, they didn't even spare the books from the library. They left nothing untouched during their stay at Jason's house.

The next morning, Jason woke up by the noise coming from the TV lounge. He strolled into the TV lounge, which looked extremely messy and all of the family from his father to the younger siblings were there to observe the scattered room. Jason examined the footprints in his room. All the time he continued reasoning whose footprints they were. Brownie (his pup) was never let out during the evening, and also, these signs looked smaller than his pup's.

When he reached back in his room, he heard a feeble sound. He started to find the source of this sound. The sound was coming from the notebook. The sound was "Jason the pencil thief". This turned Jason sad and frightened. Suddenly, the stick man in the notebook looked at him arrogantly. Jason now was aware of everything. He realized his mistake of stealing Steve's magic pencil. The mess in his house was the price he had to pay for his mistake. He apologized and promised the stick man to return the magic pencil to its master.

The stick man becomes happy with Jason, accepting his mistake. The next day Jason apologized to Steve and return him his magic pencil and promised to never do such mistakes ever in his life.


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