Laiba Noor

The mysterious girl:A thrilling short story

Abhishek oh he was the cool dude super handsome boy of the college he was the Prince Charming of every girls and yes he knew about it therefore was proud of it.

Ahana is simple but the most intelligent fresher of college she has too many friends all of them were books in the library as she doesn't like talking much.

One night Abhi was wandering in the street and there came a dog and Abhi was much afraid of dogs that's why after seeing it he become a statue not moving a bit and trying to push away dog by strange voices then he hear the laughter of a girl there was a girl at the terrace of hostel she was just behind the pole light.Thus ,he was unable to see her face but you can see her beautiful curly hair that were blowing with the wind and he just fall for that girl in first sight. Yeah that was a love at first sight after sometime the girl realize that Abhi is watching her, she just left. that girl also couldn't see Abhi's face as they were at distant.

next day, Abhiwas so excited that he told almost every friend of him and also told them that he did not see her face but her hair was like Chaumin(Noodles)

Everyone laugh at his description that abhi fall in love at first site yet he did not see her face it's a kind of joke isn't it?

Soon the news speed all over the college after 3 days,he was again going through that street and that girl again came to his sight.Abhi in his mind 'maybe this girl used to come at terrace daily' he write something on a paper "I want to talk to you " and through it in upward direction after that girl ran away.

Next day Abhi to his friend I want to find her anyhow please guys help me" everyone began to search that girl whose hair looks like noodles but unable to find any clue. But no one has given up and one day at night Abhi again met her and again threw a message on a paper then that girl give him a gesture 'How to write' then Abhi threw a pen upward that that was his favorite pen that he never gives anyone and then that girl wrote something and through downwards 'NOT INTERESTED"with pen and paper. Again write and threw "Take this pen and if by luck next day you want to talk to me then it will help you" girl ran away with pen and he come excited.

 next day,his friend to him " Abhi why did you give your favorite pen to Misspsycho" (Abhi and his friends used to call Ahana Miss Psycho )

Abhi rush towards Ahana and see that she has the same pen he gave to her Crush. Abhi "how do you get this pen ?" Ahana"what do you mean by asking this ?" Abhi" I mean from where do you buy it" Ahana little bit surprised by his question "this is gifted."abhi "by whom ?" Ahana "my female friend at my birthday but why are you asking this stupid questions?" Abhi "why are you so Furious actually I had the same pen as you have but I lost it" Ahana become more Furious "Do you think I stole it? Am I looking a thereto you ?" Abhi " uff Why are you screaming so much, am just asking casually ,ok sorry , Bye Miss psycho. Abhi to his friend " This psycho is really a psycho"

At night Abhi again met that girl. That girl wanted to return his pen.Abhi agreed but only on one condition that she will have to talk to him, the girl promised him that she will do. Abhi was about to ask her name but there was no space left to his paper and at that moment the girl left .Abhi to himself "Seems like from now I have to bring a copy with me next day"

Next day Abhi come to Ahana and ask her to show her pen. Ahana "why?" Abhi "Do as I say" Ahana "I have not" Abhi "why ?" Hannah raised her eyebrows seems like someone has bad Eyes on my pen " Abhi "what do you mean" Ahana "it's Ink finished yesterday so I threw it" Abhi "ok I just got my pen yesterday so I asked you" Ahanah "Oh congratulations for your pen.Bye"

Abhi "This girl is so strange"

 next day, Ahana is reading something while Abhi come. Abhi "what are you doing" Ahana " Do you not have eyes *Abhi irritated and see that she is showing all her pen to him* Ahana "watch it carefully is there any of your pen" Abhi Laughs and Ahana also began to laugh " Then why are you here" Abhi "Can I not come here? well you know that I am the most handsome guy of this college..... * Ahana interrupted* " some people have so much misunderstanding about themselves" Abhi doesn't care her words "well you know that I like that girl so much but have not seen her and still unable to find her so do you help me in finding her?" Ahana "so you come here for an expert advice " Abhi "your attitude is also never less than me" Ahana "Ok tell me do you propose her and do she also love u?" Abhi doesn't want that Ahana looks down of himself so he says "Yes" Ahana "Then it is very simple tell her to come in freshers party wearing a dress of a color you told her already and then recognizer her.Ok bye I don't have so much time. Abhi to himself "how egoist she is but her Idea give me another idea"

At night he ask that girl the color of his dress she is going to wear in freshers party.that Girl told him " Red"

In party someone drops Drink on her dress so she come back after changing the dress. Thus, Abhi didn't recognize her.

Next day, Ahana "So you didn't find her" Abhi "how do you know?" Ahana "your ugly face is saying that..Tell me one thing you both love each other then why do you not invite her some where to meet" Abhi to himself " what do I say I don't know whether she likes me or not and in front of her I also become so dumb that I become unable to tell her anything about my feelings and once I told her that I know her so I can not even call her to see her" looking him busy in his thoughts she waves in front of him " Hey where are you listed" Abhi " No.. she wants that I find her myself" Ahana "uff idiot then go and see the surveillance camera of party she must be caught in the camera " Abhi " O yes thank you"

* In excitement he gives a kiss on her cheeks and Ahana feels a goosebumps all over*

Abhi and his friends where checking the footage of camera and suddenly one of his friend screams " found her... found her" Abhi "where..where..? everyone stares *here was a girl wearing red dress bt only her back was there*

Then she turns..when she turns everyone shocked..it was Ahana bet her hair was tightly tied with plates.So, it doesn't looks like that curly that girl had. Abhi " Oh darn.. She is Miss Psycho..not my girl"

The disappointed Abhi left. But he never gave up, His searching was continue but he always failed. Abhi was famous in college for his coolness & straightforwardness but in front of her he was always innocent Little Dumb Boy who doesn't know how to express his feelings and unable to tell her his wish of seeing her.Now Ahana is also his friend . he always talk to her about that girl and also exaggerating their Talks (As he wants to maintain his cool boy image ) sometimes at some point Ahana listed at his talk and thinks about something as if she is doubting at something but then become normal.

1 year passed..

Abhi is tense disturbed as he failed to find her and then again Freshers party come as usual.

Abhi was about to enter the party.Aana is also walking beside him and then suddenly her Heels slip and she was about to fell but Abhi grabbed her wrist and pull her in his Arms and his eyes fall on the earnings that she was wearing but that was the same earing he gave to that girl as gift one day.Then he remembered all of old things that happened..that pen ..that red dress.Then Abhi stares at her hair that was tightly tied up with plates. No one can tell that whether it is curly or straight then he just open her tied hair and her hair begin to flowing like a wind..yes it was a curly hair which He always see at night but at college it was always tied up with plates.

Everyone began to see them and his friends where staring them with mouth open with O shape.. *everyone screams n Unison " So miss Psycho is that miss chaumin" Ahana shocked then She remembered everything how she met a guy when she was at terrace..that pen.. actually she always had a doubt on Abhi when he talks about his crush but He always exaggerated his talk in order to becoming cool infront of Ahana so she reject the thaught that he might be that guy..

Now the wish of Abhi has been fulfilled. Today He met his girl. 

Now it's a time of expressing his feelings..

Actually he have dream of it hundreds of time and now in real. He proposes Ahana..and Ahana accepted his love whole heatedly as the whole year he has been listening tht how much Abhi loves that girl from his own mouth and now she is feeling so lucky that His Crush is She...

The mystery of Abhi's girl is now solved by the God..

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