Uchiha Madara

The mysterious spread

The man took the last sip of his whiskey. The bartender asked Sir, would you like to have something else? The man replied enough for today. I need to leave now it is getting late. After paying the bill, he headed towards the exit. He stumbled on the exit door. "Careful sir, will you be able to drive today?", The Bartender Asked

"Yeah yeah I am just fine" The man replied. The engine of his 10 old broken car was not so happy he put the key and twisted. After three to four attempts car finally started The bar was on a deserted road. It was very far from the city.

As it is a long way home, he turned on the radio. The country music was being aired. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" After passing the deserted land, his path entered into the woods. There were no lights on that part of the road. So he turned on the headlamps of his car. He searched for the pack of Malboro in his chest pocket and lit a cigarette.

It was a bad day, now he has to look for another job. He was thinking about his job while looking at the car window sadly. Suddenly something bashed into his car. It looks like a deer. It is very common. Most of the drivers face this issue at this time of the day in this area. So he didn't worry too much about it. He opened the door and was looking for that poor animal.

But the strange thing was he could not find any deer near his car.

Though there was ample light in front of the car. He couldn't see much on the back of the car. He walks a few steps towards the back of his car.

It was very dark. Before he could understand anything. He felt that, he is being pulled into some excavation. The moment after that he lost his consciousness. Next morning drivers passing by on that road found his car. They reported the police. The police searched in the nearby Woods, they couldn't find any trace of that man. They thought it could be some wild animal. In these two to three days, there are a couple of Missing reports in the city and most of these cases happened during the night.

Detective Sean Was looking into the file of these missing people. Not a single person has been traced, not even their dead bodies. Last three days they are almost 15 cases of missing persons. A 15-year-old boy was looking for his grandfather. He told police that his grandfather is a fisherman and is missing from yesterday night. Officer Sean asked the boy about his grandfather's last probable whereabouts and asked him to leave.

Sean asked his partner Walter. To look for the CCTV records of the past one week on every major road. The only relief is these events are not getting any attention from the media. So people are not so aware of these events. But at this rate they won't be able to hide it for very long.

The next morning Walter reported "We found something strange in the footage, You should look at this CCTV footage". "It is very strange". Sean said when he looked at the footage.

16th December 2018 around 2 pm. It is showing that one homeless man in the street suddenly disappeared in the middle of the road.

It is very dark, but from the video, it seems like he fell into some kind of hole in the street.

They immediately headed towards the spot. It was near the Bay Harbor area. Look at CCTV cameras. It was the footage of the same CCTV camera and according to the angle. They were standing right on the spot of the incident. But the strange part is there is no hole in the road and from the condition of the road. It doesn't seem there has been any repairing work made for the last two-three years.

They again looked into the CCTV footage. When they closely looked into it the saw that that part of the road was dark, but it is evident the man is falling into some kind of fit or hole. There was another similar footage of Winston Society It was showing that a man was returning from his late-night shift got disappeared in the same pattern near a subway entrance.

The most strange part is these missing persons lost their phone connectivity right after this incident. "So could it be any psycho killer or any kidnapper?" Sean asked. "If it was there should have been at least one of the dead bodies. Neither they got any ransom call reports from any kidnapper from their families", Walter replied.

2months has passed there is no new report of missing. But those who are missing have no trace either. The police department is not interested anymore and trying to close these cases as they are not getting a single clue.

But detective Sean was not happy about that. According to him it may be the biggest conspiracy in his career. He pushed hard to investigate further but as there was no clue for months they forced to close the case.

Now it has been a few months. Everyone forgot about the incident. But there is a bigger problem now In the country A new virus came up Which is making people very sick and in some cases, even death is happening.

It is unknown to doctors and scientists. There is no cure for this virus.

The government is forced to close all schools, markets, public transport and all the private organizations where there could be a chance of mass public gathering. People are afraid of going outside. There is a Country Wide crisis now. There is a huge scarcity of food medicine and essential commodities. People are fighting over bread in shopping malls.

Scientist are telling we need to find the root cause of the virus to cure it. It starts with a cold symptom and the patient dies with severe influenza and respiratory failure. It is so contagious that it can be transmitted from people to people via droplets like sneezing and coughing and fomite based transmissions

While the rest of the population is locked inside their home Sean is bound to stay outside as he is in the Police Department. It was his duty to control the unrest happening on the outside.

There has been chaos outside Santa Me hospital for the last eight hours. There are more than 500 positive cases reported in the state in the last 12 hours. All the beds of this Hospital are full. But still, people are standing on the long queue outside the hospital in the hope Of, someone getting discharged today.

There is a separate queue for high-profile people. The crowd outside has a strong objection to that. That's why. Some of them started Throw bottles and stones at hospital windows and gates.

Police had two cane to control the situation. Mr. Lewboski is a political figure and has a very good relationship with officer Sean. His son is recently tested positive. So he told Sean to manage at least one seat on the Santa Me hospital. Sean has a friend over there. He came to know that five patients are likely to be released today around 4 pm afternoon.

Officer Sean called Lewboski to bring his son because he came to know from his hospital source that one patient would be released at that time. Sean was present at that time in the hospital.

When he saw the patient who was getting discharged he looked very familiar.

He has seen this man somewhere. "But where" He tried to remember hard. Yes now he remembers. He has seen the same face in some photos which the child brought to him five months back. It was the time when people were getting disappeared. He immediately called his partner Walter and asked him to check with each missing person's family from that case, If anyone came back to home.

After a few hours Walter called Sean and told none of the family, except that old fisherman has returned. The old man was waiting for his family in the sitting area near the reception."Excuse me sir would you mind if I talk to you for some time?" Sean asked. The old man said nothing and stared at without a wink. Sean keeps saying

"There was the incident five months back. A couple of people were gone missing suddenly and none returned. You were one of them. I recognize you because your grandson came to us looking for you a couple of times. "

"Can you tell me how did you come back? "He asked her is discharged, patient. Not a single word came out of the old man's mouth. It seems he is a walking coma patient. Officer repeated the question But there was no reply from that man.

This time the officer gets angry."Sir would you come with us? " Sean said to the old man. In the meantime his grandson came with His grandmother to take their grandfather home. Sean asked the boy "Do you remember me kid?"

The body said, "Yes Sir". "Why your grandpa is playing mute with me?" he asked the boy

"I forgot to mention to you that he can not talk. 3 years ago on a throat infection, he lost his voice" the boy replied

Officer Sean asked a couple of questions to the boy and let them go.

There is no time to investigate in a situation like this. People are dying outside. Maybe he can catch with that person after everything get back to normal.

"Grandpa are you on right now? " the boy asked. The old man nodded his head. Take a rest Grandpa. Have some sleep. The old man could not tell his grandson that he has slept for more than an hour since he returned from that hellish place. That black chamber appeared next to him like a flashback.

Five months ago, on that day when he got his consciousness back he find himself in a black room. There was dark everywhere, he could hardly see anything. The floor he is sitting on was not smooth. Rather it seemed like there were some designs on the floor. When he touched the wall he could feel a similar design on it.

But what he realized that it was not any normal room. We don't have any kind of pattern in our wall or floor like that. It seems there is a vibration in the floor and the walls.

He felt like the room he had some sort of subtle movement. He checked his pocket for the mobile and turned on the flashlight from his mobile. Then he could see the artifacts in the wall and the floor. It is like multiple layers of volcano lava stacked one after over another. This design is not random, It seemed someone carefully carved it. There are some unknown emblems on the wall. Two human-like figure with the bizarre-looking mask was standing in some distance. When he looked carefully he saw that it was some sort of helmet.

"What are they? " he asked himself. was looking some odd-looking Halloween costume. He gathered his courage and stepped toward one of those human figures. He saw that there was a gate in between them. He pushes that gate and it opened with the clamorous sound.

When he entered the other room. He saw that there is a narrow passage In the middle of a huge Well. On the other side, at the end of this path there are some racks where some Ports are kept. It was looking like a library of different pots. He couldn't identify whether those pots have any color or not because everything was so dark. And it was very cold at the same time.

When he was passing the Narrow Path. he felt like there is water inside that well. And inside that water, something or a collection of something is moving. From its sound he could feel that it is not full of water rather it is more like when it rains heavily on ground and ground becomes muddy with water. If something crawls like a snake on that mud it felt the same way

He thought it all could be a bad dream. He was feeling very hungry. But When he gets on the other side. All he could see his pots kept on different racks. "Are there any sort of food, you must check? Otherwise, I will die with hunger".He told himself but at the same time he felt a bit hesitant.

It was unknown fear which was telling him not to open any of the pot? But his stomach was being a rebel to him. If he was trying to convince him that if he doesn't eat something we would not survive long. He could not remember when was the last time he has taken any food. He could not resist the temptation and opened it.

A very bad smell entered his nose. This can't be any food. He put the lid back of that pot and kept it back in the rack. He picked up another pot. And opened it.

"This doesn't smell so bad" He said to himself. When he put his hand inside that pot to check what is inside, he found that there is a sand-like thing inside that pot but that thing has a movement.

He grabbed some of that and bring that out from the pot. As soon as he brings out that from the point. It smelled a very pungent odor. He coughed two-three times. This sand-like thing can not be food. Unknowingly he Touches his face with his hand.

The moment after that he felt that his entire body temperature is rising. He has already started sweating very badly. It seems like he within a few minutes he got a cold and high fever. The pot fell from his hand and broke into the floor.

On the other side the gate opened. Someone from that Gate entered into that room. He tried to focus the flashlight on that direction. What he saw left his eyes wide open. There was an 8 feet human-like figure standing on the opposite side. In the dark of that room he could see that the figure has a very bright skin tone. It is just like white marble.

He also found that it has no hair in his head. It was looking like a bald tall man who is wearing some kind of armor. The figure started speaking in some unknown language. He was so afraid that he started running. From the library, he found another gate this which took him to another room. This room was huge. He could see a trace of light very far. maybe at the end of the room. He started running in that direction. He saw his phone battery would not last long. He could feel that figure Is chasing him?

Now he has reached very near the light source. Now he observed a strange phenomenon near the light. The light source is surrounded by many medium-sized black holes which are looking similar to the manhole in the city. They are scattered here and there.

When he looked at one of the hole, found that it is not completely dark. Rather it is kind of dark gray. There is a reflection of someplace and it is not static image of place rather it seems like someone displaying a video of that place. But each reflection is unique. He couldn't understand what he should do. He thought he would be killed by that human-like figure. It is now very close, soon that will catch him. From the kind of noise that figure was making, it seemed it was very angry.

He kept on running and found that one of the reflections seems familiar to him He jumped into that hole without thinking twice and lost consciousness. The next morning he found himself lying on a seaside road. He knows this place. Madison Square beach is very nearby from this spot. He used to come to this place with his son when he was young.

He felt very thirsty. He checked that his wallet and mobile is still in his pocket. He bought A bottle of water from a nearby shop and give the shopkeeper some money. His entire body was feeling a burning sensation

and had a high fever. He thought of buying some paracetamol in the nearby medicine shop

"The shopkeeper asked, do you have a fever only?". He replied. "I have a cough and sneezing as well". After that day one by one person from his locality started to become sick with similar symptoms.

The pathogen was indeed engineered but it is not the kind of engineer we generally know.

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