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Tree's revenge: A short suspense story

Tree's Revenge

It was a cold December night and two middle aged men were lost in a jungle. One went afar to get some help but did not return. The other went in search of him but we could only hear his screams and cry for help decelerating with time. 

Few months later, a group of four teenage friends ( 3 guys and a girl ) were going out to a forest for campsite. 19 year old Sujal called everyone at his home and they went to the place from there. Rashmi asks " Do you know the exact place Sujal?? I heard rumors that a nearby forest has seen spooky things happening in the past " . To which Sujal replies he knows the place and has got a map as well. 

They drive to the place where they were going to set up their camp. Sujal, Rashmi, Aarav and Abhi get out of the car and ask Sujal to see the map and identify the exact location. Sujal checks his bag but couldn't find the map. "Damn, I must have forgotten it at home " says Sujal. After hearing a mouthful from his friends, Sujal asks everyone to calm down and makes them believe he will find the exact location.

The friends went on for some distance and Sujal says this place looks good enough if we can't find the other one. All of them took a rest there and opened their bags to get some refreshments. Abhi says he will bring some woods and goes on in search of it. 

The calamity begins

After about half an hour, Abhi doesn't comes back and they all get a little worried. Rashmi asks what is taking him so long to which Aarav jokingly said he must have seen some mowgli girl and went after her. Aarav says I'll go look for him to which Rashmi and Sujal were reluctant but he insisted them to stay and set up the camp there itself while he goes and brings Abhi back along with the woods. 

Rashmi and Sujal set up their camp but there was no news yet of Abhi and Aarav. Rashmi says she is getting scared for them and Sujal asks if you want I'll go and look, to which Rashmi replies she will go with him. They searched all the nearby locations but couldn't find a trace of them. 

Rashmi and Sujal went on in despair trying to find them and suddenly they heard some branches of a tree making explicit noise. They went near that tree quite stunned in the process. Both of them kept on searching nearby and then Rashmi found a piece of cloth wore by Abhi torn and laying there .  

Rashmi was petrified and started shaking in fear with Sujal coming beside him trying to calm things down. 

They turned around and saw the cadaver of Abhi strangled on the branches of a huge petrifying tree. A Branch of that tree threw him down and his remains went head first splashing right in front of them . Rashmi begins to cry loudly and Sujal, hoping against hope , looks around and wishes to find Aarav alright. 

Secret of the spooky tree

Suddenly that huge tree started making creepy noises , Rashmi ran to Sujal and both held each other in fear. The tree in his screeching voice reveals this was a huge jackfruit tree long back and humans destroyed it with their greed for money and power. I was the man who planted this tree and objected to the gluttonous motive of the landlord who wanted this tree all for himself. When I refused to give up this tree, they planned and executed my murder while capturing the tree by ambidextrous ways ... But I could never leave my child could I?? My soul came back to this tree and we have been living inseparably since 200 years. We together got revenge on the people who stole it and the landlord who came afterwards to check. Their remains which we buried are still underneath this ground and so are of many humans who came along this way. Together we decided we will not let a single human pass this way alive.  

Hearing this, Sujal and Rashmi were terrified and began to plead for mercy.. That moment they saw Aarav crawling on the ground soaked in his own blood. They tried to rush towards him but one of the branch came down and stopped them and another came crashing through Aarav's back killing him in the process with him begging Sujal and Rashmi for help . 

The tree got his branches to pick up Sujal and Rashmi with them trying to escape, but Rashmi got caught by a branch that tied her up off the ground in the air. Sujal escaped to the campsite . 

It looked as if Rashmi was about to fall prey to this ghostly tree when Sujal, who came back with an axe that was in one of his bag, tried to cut the branch down that held Rashmi. 

He did that successfully and kept attacking the tree until the axe fell from his hand and it was taken away by another branch. The tree caught Sujal with Rashmi now free , Sujal screams at Rashmi to run away which she declines but then the tree's branches start making a move to her and she had no other option but to escape and look at Sujal getting his head split into two. She came out of there unharmed in deep sorrow and remorse. 

The tree throws Sujal's body on the ground and goes back to his original shape , perhaps waiting for another victim to arrive as the dusk settles down. 


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