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Popular must visit places Mount Abu Udaipur

And when friends in college start planning the trips the 1st issue that arrives is always the clashes for the destination. Finally, a mount abu tour plan was confirmed. Mount Abu is a popular hill station in the Aravalli Range in Sirohi District of Rajasthan state in western India, near the border with Gujarat.

The planning started and every friend had their own demands of visiting particular places and doing the adventures according to their common interests.


We planned and planned and finally it was on 21st Feb that we reached Mt.Abu.

We reached there at morning 6.00am and just damn it was soo cold. The first thing we did was to have the hot cup of tea in the winter mornings near the burning fire.

What a moment it was, in the cold breeze of winter having chai soo early morning.


Then we went for an early morning ride and the scenic view and beauty of that hills early morning was like every mountain is within your reach if you just keep climbing. So it was just the nature's beauty. Then it was about 10 am and we went to the nakki lake and nakki lake market. The lake’s scenic beauty and charm attracts tourists from all over the world. This lake possesses mythological significance. The morning went there with the serenity at lake and then went to our rooms. Had lunch and again were up for wandering. People say the view of nakki lake after sunset is mesmerizing but we could not stay to see that as we had to cover other places.


Nakki lake

Then it was the Dilwara Jain Temples to go for these temples date back to the 11th and 13th century AD. The Dilwara Temples dilwara jain temple is situated at 2½ kilometres from Mount Abu . The five legendary marble temples of Delwara are the sacred pilgrimage of the Jains. The architectural perfection of these temples are solely responsible for their worldwide fame. They are an overwhelming blend of simple beauty and exquisite elegance.


Dilwara Jain Temple

After getting amazed by the architecture of the Temples, it was the time to get amazed by nature. And our next destination was The GURU SHIKHAR. Guru Shikhar peak is the highest peak of the whole Aravali mountain range. Here it was not only the destination that mattered but it was all about the journey. The bike ride with friends on such a hilly area with the turning roads was not only an adventure but also taught that there would be soo many turning points in life to deal with. We just climbed up and up and reached the GURU SHIKHAR temple, took the blessings there and when we're coming back, there was a sunset point on the journey down and it was exact 6.45 pm and the sun to set down. The romantic nature, with the beautiful ending o the day and the picture perfect people. Just the perfect moment to be described as.



That night we just had dinner and roamed and had fun and the next day it was again the trip and now it was time for the wonderful and the best photography for the memories to be captured. It was all about the trip that is a trip for nature and the peace, serenity and the beauty of Heights.



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