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Nirman Kirreti

You are not done yet

This is a story about whether god is righteous judge?
One day a little young lady came to realize that God is distributing apples in Heaven. So she went there to take an apple from God. When she came there, she saw a major line. She remained in line and held up numerous days to arrive shot. At the point when her possibility came, She cheerfully took an apple from God yet tragically it had fallen. She began crying, by observing that God said 'Don't stress, in the event that you truly need an apple from me, go and remain in line once more'. She tuned in to God and returned to remain in line, yet this timeline is a lot bigger than prior. Again she represented numerous days lastly she got her chance. This time she took apple cautiously and took a gander at God, at that point God said 'The apple which I gave you before was spoiled, I had seen it in the wake of providing for you. So I made it fall. This apple is the best one in my greenery enclosure and it was exceptionally little so I made you pause while this apple was developing.' 

So in the event that you truly lose a chance, don't stress since some other great one is preparing for you(by God)

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