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MAR vs. EMAR: Is it worth going digital?

Indeed, medication processes are extremely thorough and careful, so these are not a cup of tea for everyone. As the risks associated with medication processes are too high, or you may experience specific health issues. In this situation, you need to go with electronic MAR, which is additionally known as Electronic medication administration record. With the new advancements in technology, you will be able to use EMAR to correctly use medication processes to avoid health hazards.  

Here, in this blog, you will learn everything about MAR charts and EMAR systems to cater to your needs and for appropriate health records. If you don't know from where to acquire these systems, you should visit AL Cloud Care. It is one of the leading organizations that provides you with top shelf quality care to reduce health problems and medication errors as well as take medications on time.

Here, in this blog, you will learn about all these things. Let's start without wasting any time.

Explaining MAR and eMAR

What is a MAR chart?

To maintain consistency with 6 R's, MAR charts are in order to fulfill a simple function. These include-:

  • Right Resident
  • Right medication
  • Right dosage
  • Right path
  • Right time
  • Right Documentation.

You give your medications appropriately and, most importantly, safely if all 6 of these are in operation! But it's still a process that takes time. It can be tough to keep on top of MARs when you are an essential part of a crowded care home or nursing home when coping with the other everyday activities that are most demanding.

Any solutions, such as blister packs, have been put out to combat this. This is more than just risk minimization, though. The concern then is, how do you remain in total charge of the medications that you prescribe and yet take more safeguards?

What is EMAR?

EMAR is known as (Electronic Medication Administration Records), which provides you with the best of all worlds of original drugs (also known as patient box dispensing). You stay in direct charge of the prescriptions the resident takes / patients take; however, you still benefit from reasonable workflows incorporated into the eMAR app, rather than assuming that the blister pack is correct.

EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records) has expanded the ability to handle the needs of people with nursing home services, senior care and pharmacies. The ACC drug control program facilitates EMAR functionality in the creation of an electronic database for each person, which gathers essential information at the point of administration in real-time. The comprehensive resident medication information will also be remotely exchanged between the assisted living and pharmacy, significantly minimizing preventable mistakes and increasing resident care safety and quality.

The EMAR removes problems in MAR charts, illegible guides, contradictive records, and so forth that may create dangerous risks for people's welfare and lead to extreme action on behalf of the regulator. The implementation and service of EMAR in-home treatment are smoother. For an EMAR approach to be considered in-home care, it is critical that the system is central to the electronic care planning system, as it is for ACC Care Planning. This means that prescription specifics and incidents are recorded and connected to the client's general medical record.

You will now be able to customize drug management strategies to the care homes' occupants through applications that follow an evidence-based approach to medication management. The right software solution often integrates easily with several Pharmacy software systems to allow a single entry point for these processes. A knowledge source functions to boost performance, reducing the likelihood of multiple entries dispensing mistakes.

What Are The Advantages To Using EMAR To Improve Health Of Your Patient?

Reduce Risks

The handling of drugs is a dangerous business for your residents. This, sadly, is just the nature of the beast. The method of medpass has several steps that are vulnerable to harm, and these will still change. The use of technologies will, however, help to minimize these threats. Solutions like EMAR by AL Cloud Care have powerful and impactful built-in workflows. The system would be very difficult for you to make an error if you correctly search and enter data. As we inform our consumers, the program is just the same as the data is entered; there is still the factor of human error.

If your data is right, EMAR solutions won't allow you to handle excess doses of medicinal products nor to prescribe medicinal products at the wrong time unless a justification is apparent.

After we incorporate ACC Drug Monitoring, we have also seen a 30 percent drop in PRN utilization for our customers. It eliminates the risk of multiple pharmacy and prescription waste, making sure the people take the medications as they should. Furthermore, missing signatures are a thing of the past. If drugs are not prescribed correctly, our system still warns them.


EMAR technologies also make drug audits much more straightforward, based on the previously available results. You have several files for you to locate and gather this data instead of scanning hundreds of pages from your people's MAR charts. This is where the strength of the information really belongs. You don't have to think about anything being packed - you're still set!

Regulation of Inventory

Now we are not saying you would never have to search manual stocks again. But, if you use an EMAR approach, it definitely won't have to be the same frequency. As we say, the program is just as strong as the information it gets. So, when you make sure that your drugs are tested safely and properly handled, your EMAR solution still has a detailed inventory chart. In that relation, you have to do manual stock checks to ensure that the staff shows best practice, but that is more for auditing than for monthly orders. It's a saver of time!

These are the reasons why most hospitals and medical facilities use EMAR systems rather than MAR charts these days. If you also want to emphasize your patient's safety, you must go with the EMAR system. It will help you to keep a record of everything as we mentioned above.

Final words

There are also millions of benefits of automated processes of medicine. No more MAR pages. No fear as the inspector knocks at the door again at the last minute. Do not squint anymore to decipher the handwriting of your coworkers. eMAR is the future; we can't emphasize enough how many security challenges an electronic device would allow you to gain. Anything at your hands is auditable and accessible.

Nevertheless, almost each and every doctor said that he really enjoys the experience of EMAR. That's why we would tell you to consider it not only an investment but an insurance policy as well. It would be best if you were assured that all is in order and above the board, so you can fix everything correctly. You will be able to store everything electronic, no need to take tension of lost pages or folders. However, make sure, get this from a trusted organization so that you can also secure your patient’s health data well.

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