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Moral Story - The Pigeon and The Bad Crows

Once, a farmer was living in a small village. He was a rich and generous person. He had been donating a large amount of the money that he earns from selling his products in the market to needy and poor people of the village. The entire village respected him due to his generosity. But he had been facing a problem regarding his farm. Whenever he disperses grains on his farm, a group of crows would come and destroy it. He was disturbed about this situation because his income from the farm was reducing day by day. He decided to seek advice from his companions. One of his companions advised him to place a scarecrow on his farm. He liked this idea and sowed the seeds after placing a scarecrow in the middle of the farm. He was hoping for a profitable crop this season. 

After some days, when he saw his farm, he cried out. Seeds were all eaten, and the scarecrow was on the ground. Once again, the farm was ruined by those crows.

He again decided to take up this matter with his companions and decided to put an end to this problem.

He did not sleep that night and keep thinking about the implementation of an idea given by his friends. The next morning, he visited the market and bought a size-able net and grains to sow. The plan was to deceive the crows and capture them in that net. Then he visited the farm and placed the net after dispersing seeds and hid nearby.

As expected, the crows flew to the farm to eat the grains. They were laughing at the farmer’s foolishness, but soon they noticed that they were in a trap, but it was too late to notice. They noticed their stupidity and greed they possess. The farmer watched all this from a distance. He wasted no time to reach there. He was delighted. With delight he shouted, at last I have captured you all, you are all going to die for what you have done to my farm. I shall not forgive you. The farmer was shouting with joy. 

Unexpectedly the farmer heard a voice different from the crows. There was also a pigeon beside the crows. All of them were trapped in his trap. They were looking at the farmer for mercy. The pigeon asked for his forgiveness from Farmer, please forgive me. You are furious with them, not with me. I have nothing to do with the destruction of your farm. 

The farmer looked angrily at the pigeon and said, but you too have been involved in the destruction of my farm. I will not forgive you. The pigeon had to pay a heavy price due to the bad company of crows. The farmer did not forgive the pigeon either, and he killed all the birds trapped in his trap. From that day, the farmer was living happily. He starts earning the profit again from his farms.

Moral: Better alone than in a bad company.

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