Karanam Saiteja


‘No mercy to rapist. Hang him! Kill him!’ These nerve-wracking words of crowds were ringing in my ears as I was walking on an empty wooden bridge with a torch, torching my feelings and camouflaging my agony in obscuring fog with foggy tears.

The flashlight fell off from my hand and turned off. I bent, took it, and turned it on. But before I could see, something bumped nastily on my head, it was a gun, on my forehead. I was dumbstruck. He gave a knife and ordered me to turn around. There was a woman on the edge of the bridge, yelping with the plastered mouth.

“Kill her, or I will kill you, ” The man said sobbing.

“You can.,” I mumbled.

“Kill!” He interrupted, pushing me.

I was stupefied, mystified.

‘Save her or Save myself?’ I didn’t know. I felt dizzy, I brave it out, hit him in the eyes with my elbow, took her, and

jumped into the river.

* * *

I took her to the shore by the light of the shimmering moon. She was unconscious and wet in the bulky green hospital gown, yet the erected nips were visible. She has a face that beauty could feel jealous and shred tears.

I had grabbed her, had held her tight to bring to the shore, but I hadn’t felt anything. But when it was time to give chest compressions to save her, my hands became numb, and lava was evoking in my body.

Quaking in boots, I removed plaster and gave rapid chest compressions. She got consciousness and immediately hugged me tightly, crying over my shoulder. I couldn’t handle that hotness, said a nasty feeling in my chest and lower body.

“Thanks!” She said sobbing.

I pulled with my shoulder and released from her. I didn’t want to make another mistake.

“I want to change my dress,” She asked.

“There is a hotel nearby,” I said gulping.

"No! He will find me,” She urged.

“I have only T-shirts.” I wanted to get rid of her.

“No problem!” She smiled. It was kinda weird at that moment.

* * *

We were walking through the corridors in my apartment to my room. Everyone knew that a rapist was living in residence. If they saw me with this girl, they would roast me. We entered into the room.

“There is no other room here, if you want you can change in the bathroom,” I said.

“No problem! I will change it here.” She said so casually, making me lose my stability as I was trying to be a gentleman.

“I will turn around,” I said, giving a T-shirt. She gave a smile. It seemed like she was a slut or may be crazy.

While I was thinking about how I should get rid of her, she asked me to turn around. I turned, but she was still wearing her pants, I could see her butt-crack. Man! My heart skipped a beat.

After she wore, I rushed, asked her to leave.

“Please…I can’t go anywhere.” She requested standing outside the door.

“I am not in a position to deal with this. Wear this cap, go to a hotel, nobody can identify you,” I whispered.

“Are you kidding?” She asked me with a blank face, showing that tiny cap.

Suddenly the neighbor Oldman came to us shouting with a raspy voice along with his grandson.

“Rogue! What are you doing to her?” He came to me, pointing a gun.

“No, sir! He saved me! While I was drowning in water.” She said and saved me.

“Hmm!” They went off, seemed like he was sleepwalking.

“Please!” She bewitched me with angelic face.

“Okay! You have to leave tomorrow... Okay! Day after tomorrow,” I said hesitatingly, while she was howling to me with her puppy eyes.


“My name is Pallavi. What is yours?” She asked, letting some documents in her coat to dry under the fan.

“Varun! But Nobody calls me by my name.” She gave a tragic look.

I asked, who was that man trying to kill her but she resisted to answer it. I urged. She said she wanted to forget it.

She slept off. I couldn’t resist seeing her pretty face and lithe figure.

* * *

I woke up she was standing in front of me with hair tied in a wet towel with a coffee cup in her hand and with golden sun rays making a crown on her head.

She arranged everything in the room. I took the cup and drank it. It was adding sweetness to my happy heart. It felt like I stumbled into this serendipity.

“What would you eat, Halwa or Kichidi?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” I said shrugging.

“Don’t know!”

“I haven't eaten them at least once,” I said with a dumb face.

“Man! At least once! I will show you how heaven would taste like,” She said with exuberance.

“I just tasted it,” I said to my heart.

* * *

“Hmm…Delicious!” I said while she was staring at me for the response, but the truth was it wasn’t that good.

“Really. Thank you!” She gave a winsome smile and took my breath away.

“Man! She is an angel,” A voice evoked in me.

“Okay! Shall we share some with the uncle?” She asked.

“Which uncle?” I asked doubtfully.

“That Oldman.”

She went to his house but didn’t return for a long time. I was afraid, dared, went looking for her. I Peered through their

window. Oldman and the kid were laughing while Pallavi was saying something with captivating looks. I left.

* * *

She came in with the kid laughing.

“See! what I discovered? His name is Arun. Varun and Arun!” She said with enthusiasm.

“Columbus might feel jealous,” I said, laughing.

We laughed, and she said many things. She is a chatterbox.

She asked me to sleep beside her on the bed, it felt like I was on cloud nine not beside her. I never felt that happy. I had forgotten how it would feel like to be happy.

“Is she loving me? No way!” I looked into the mirror. “How could she? I am a Gross Domestic Product of blackface

and a face like a bulldog chewing the wasp, totally ugly.”

I knew happiness is the gateway to getting hurt.

* * *

I woke up heavy-hearted to send her away. As usual, she smiled at me, playing with Arun. Oldman came into the house for Arun. Suddenly, he fainted, and fell at the doorstep. She instantly went to the uncle’s house and brought diabetes tablets. Arun started crying. I put Oldman on the bed. She gave him tablets, and I started massaging his legs.

“You seem nice. But why did you do that?” Oldman inquired looking at me.

“You mean rape! Hmm! I was accused but not proven guilty. I loved a girl, Vinuthna. She asked me that we should have sex, we went to a hotel, but her parents identified. She secured herself from the damage of their reputation and said I attempted a rape on her. However, I was proven not guilty by the court but tagged by the society as a rapist," I said as if it was my fate.

“What happened to her?” both asked at an instance.

I shrugged.

“You know! Girls get fixated. Boys get suffocated after a break-up,” I said with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Pallavi hugged me tightly to console and wiped my tears.

“You love her. Don’t you?” Oldman asked while Pallavi was leaving to the washroom.

“I love her, but she is completely out of my league. She is an angel,” I said.

“No, Varun.”

“Uncle! You need to rest.” I interrupted him.

After he slept off, I asked Pallavi to leave.

“No, I can’t!” Pallavi said sadly.

“You can’t be here forever, Pallavi.”

“Varun, I love you!” My heart stopped pounding.

“What?…and why?” I was astonished.

“Why! Because you are a well-proportioned man, good looking with a good heart, and you saved my life. You are God to me. I love you more than my life. we are made for each other, more than that I am your girl," She said with wet eyes.


Out of the blue, I made a family, my uncle, Arun, and my girl Pallavi. I can't describe how it would feel to wake up next to a woman who loves you, cares you, caresses you.

My days filled with naughtiness of Pallavi, curses of my uncle and cuteness of Arun, and overall, with overloaded love, my life was happy.

Everyone in the family was buzzing for our marriage. But, as I said, happiness is the gateway to getting hurt.

While Pallavi and I were planning for our marriage, cops and nurses entered cracking the door and immediately handcuffed her, but I held her hand very tightly.

“What are you doing, man?” I yelled at cops.

“Man! She is a psycho.” Cops gave me aghast look.

“No! What are you talking about? Man! She is my Fiancee!” I cried at them.

"Man! I am sorry to say this, but she trapped you for her security." He said, dragging her. I loosed my hand.

At an instance, everything flashed in front of my eyes. It felt true. That weird behavior of her, whenever I tried to send her away.

“No, Varun! They are lying. See the documents in the cupboard,” she shouted while they were taking her.

But I became numb.

Uncle came after leaving Arun in the school. I was sobbing, sitting in a corner.

"What happened, Varun?" He asked, leaving the basket in his hand. I told him that they took the psycho away.

“Varun! what are you talking about?” Uncle shouted.

“Uncle, She is a psycho who just used us for her security,” I said sobbing.

He tried to explain to me that she loved me and cared about me. He said her ex-boyfriend made up this story. But I turned deaf ears to him.

"She isn't mine, uncle." I baffled.

"Varun, listen to me. Did she ever hurt you?" He asked, holding my hands.

"No!" I sighed. “Didn’t she care about you?” He asked questions rapidly.

"She cared, but she isn’t mine,” I mumbled.

“You rogue. Do you want a stamp on her face that she belongs to you? Isn’t it enough that she loved you, cared you, and made you happy? Yes, she secured her self. Won't you? If you are in some trouble …Where are the documents?” Oldman shouted with the raspy voice, dragging my hands.

I made a terrible mistake. She helped me when I was a prisoner of sadness. She made me happy, while I was struggling to get into a rhythm, but I turned greedy. Wasn’t it enough that she loved me? She behaved weird, but she was as matured as she was weird. I took the documents.

I went to the hospital.

“Varun! You don’t need to get into this…” She tugged at my heartstrings, standing behind bars.

“I love you too!” I interrupted her and brought a pretty look on her face.

I fought for two years and proved she was not psychologically disordered.

And finally, I got my family back and my answer too that SHE IS MY GIRL!

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