How Can I Transfer an Air Canada Voucher to Someone else?

Air Canada has been providing travel vouchers since 18th may 2020 which is completely transferable and can be used multiple times based on the value. Furthermore, it never expires. One can leverage the travel voucher to book the flight at a low cost and save a buck for the next. 

Although it's been issued to the customers, the value of the voucher starts appearing within three business days. To review the value of the voucher, you can use the Helpful tool of Air Canada Airways accessible at the site (Vouchers, ACCredit and eCoupons.) for more convenience about transferable Air Canada Travel Voucher, you should read the content thoroughly and get clarified with your doubts. 

How to Transfer the Travel Voucher to Someone Else?

Undoubtedly, airways allow customers to transfer the voucher value to someone else. But there is no online accessibility for Travel vouchers. So one has to connect with the experts whenever they are planning for the next flight booking on Air Canada. 

How to Check the Voucher Value of Air Canada Airways?

  • Go to the official site and login you registered as well.
  • Secondly, move your cursor to the tab, “Fly.”
  • With this, you should choose, “ACCredit, eCoupons, and Travel Vouchers.”
  • Then, you will be liable to seek the form on the left-hand side. 
  • Now follow the prompts wisely as displayed on the screen. 

Extension to Connect with Someone Live at Air Canada Airways

Are you looking for a reliable connection to connect with the live person at Air Canada Airways? Then you should follow the steps mentioned below wisely.

  • Step-1 You should visit the official web portal of Air Canada using the browser.
  • Step-2 Once you access the official site, you need to scroll down the page and open the tab, “Customer Support.”
  • Step-3 With this, a new page will be open where you can find various extensions and specified numbers to connect with respect to Air Canada Experts.
  • Step-4 While dialing the contact number of Air Canada Airways, you should be attentive about pressing the right key to picking your spoken language and the reason behind connecting with the experts over a call.
  • Step-5 Now, let IVR direct your call to the experts at Air Canada.

Other extension to Convey Your Concern to the Experts at Air Canada Airways

At times customers are unable to connect with the experts over a call due to network issues or busy networks. Hence, the airway has discovered alternative extensions rather than Air Canada México Teléfono


Chat Bot-

It enables you to have a live chat with the experts at Air Canada Airways. Air Canada Chat bot is visible when you press the tab “Contact Us.” When you click the chat bot on the left corner of the page various specified topics are visible on the screen. If none of those topics are not relevant to your concern, you can switch to the next.


Email is the alternative way to convey the issues to the experts at Air Canada Airways. Although you should ensure to mention your contact details in an email to the experts at Air Canada Airways. With this, it will be easier for the experts to connect you back for any further required details.

Or else, you can call again later if you agree to talk to the experts anytime. The customer Service experts are accessible 24 hours a day a week and a year. So there is no issue whether to Get in Touch with Air Canada expert in the mid-night.

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