Can I choose my seat on Air Canada after booking?

There is a query that many passengers of Air Canada raise from across the globe, “Can I choose my seat on Air Canada after booking?” so, if you are wondering whether you are allowed, you are advised to go through the discussion, and by the end of the discussion, you will indeed fetch an idea to choose your seat with the airline after booking a flight ticket:

Learn the seat selection policy of Air Canada:

There are general terms and conditions with respect to its seat selection process. You are suggested to go through them and get your answer:

If you do not choose your seats while reserving your flight ticket, the airline automatically will assign you a random seat.

You can select your preferred seats within 24 hours of your bookings.

You may have to pay a certain amount for choosing other seats, for example, window seats, emergency exit row seats, extra legroom seats, etc.

Is it possible to choose a seat after booking on Air Canada?

Yes, it is possible to choose a seat after making a booking, and you are required to follow the steps mentioned below:

Choose your seat through an online website:

Visit the official website of Air Canada.

Tap on Manage my trips.

Enter all the details, for example, Last Name, Booking reference number, and submit it.

Choose your flight, tap on the Air Canada seat selection map, and choose your preferred seat.

Make the payment (you may have to pay for some seats, for further clarification, get in touch with the airline).

Random allocation of a seat:

Suppose you booked a flight and forgot to choose a seat; in this case, the airline naturally assigns you a seat on Air Canada. This makes a journey for passengers hassle-free.

You can go through the discussion to learn the steps to choose your seats after booking a flight with the airline.

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