Essential Points To Know About Breast Augmentation Risks

There are several factors to consider while choosing to undergo breast augmentation surgery, including the risks and potential problems. That's a decision only you can make.

Consent paperwork will be required to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks or breast augmentation problems.

It's essential to know about breast implants' possible dangers and side effects

With any form of surgical procedure, there are inherent hazards. Regardless of the type of implant or surgical method used, these breast augmentation risks exist.

Contracture of the capsule

Capsular contracture is one of the dangers linked with breast augmentation surgery. When the breast implant is encapsulated by fibrous tissue, the breasts become rigid and stiff to the touch, but they can also be painful and deformed.

The body's natural response is to form a fibrous capsule around the implant. Internal scarring, or thickening of tissue around the implant, can cause changes in the form of the breasts and discomfort and suffering. Patients can, however, there are capsular contracture treatment to avoid capsular contracture with daily massages. Capsular contracture can be surgically corrected in extreme situations.

Infection of the implant or leakage

There has been much debate in the past about this issue, but presently it isn't a concern. There is more miniature likeness between our current silicone implants and the liquid-filled bags they were designed to replace (as it was in the past). Even if the silicone breaks, it won't leak or move into the breasts. Breasts do not change in shape, and there is no discomfort associated with rupture in most women.

A silicone bag is stuffed with saline solution and surgically inserted in saline solution. There will be an absorption of salt solution if the silicone bag ruptures. Although the saline solution is safe, the breast will appear deflated, necessitating revision surgery to fix the problem.

Breast sensitivities can change throughout time

Due to the procedure, the patient's sensitivity has been affected. For example, we can discuss how the nipple and areola complex, the scar or breasts have changed our sensitivity. Patients may feel numb for a brief period before their sensitivity returns to normal. This is the situation in most circumstances.

The absence of sensitivity can be permanent in some cases. Plastic surgeons who prefer the inframammary fold incision over the peri areolar one do so to keep the nipple and areola sensitive.


Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery treatments globally. It aids patients in achieving larger breasts and a more aesthetically pleasing form. However, there are some adverse consequences to having your breasts augmented. Consider these concerns before arranging the procedure with your plastic surgeon.

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