Significance of using a Forced Air Convection Oven

If you are accustomed with the use of an incubator, you must be knowing the basic principles and the mechanisms behind it. The need of an incubator has been immense in the last couple of decades in modern science and research. However, due to a few drawbacks, scientists have now discovered another variant and much more efficient device—forced air convention oven. It is needful for anyone who is a young scientist or has an independent lab to know every new invention that can benefit their research or jobs. Therefore, if you are one of them, read along to expand your existing knowledge on lab equipment.

In this article, you will be learn about the significance of forced air convention oven. This will not only make you updated about the recent technologies but also help you decide if you will be requiring such an efficient device in your lab.

Efficient temperature regulation:

Unlike most temperature regulators, forced air convection ovens have a much-elaborated temperature regulating mechanism. They can operate between ambient temperature and 200 or 300 Celsius. This will give you a wide range of temperature to work in. In other words, it will also expand your spectrum of projects—some projects can require unique temperature which you will not be able to set in a standard temperature regulatory system. Extreme temperatures like 300 Celsius is best maintained in forced air convection ovens.

Better thermo-circulatory system:

While incubators do not have fans installed inside the walls of it, forced air convection ovens have in-built fans which are responsible for circulating the rising hot air inside the chamber. This is an important mechanism because if the heat or hot air that has been generated inside the chamber does not circulate evenly throughout, there will be chances of irregular heating of samples leading to imperfect results. This is one of the drawbacks of incubators which can be readily bridged by forced air convection ovens.

Advanced features available:

In case of forced air convection ovens, high performance variants are available where the temperature can rise up to 325 Celsius and above. These also have a natural and forced air convection options as per the user’s needs. Enhanced stability in terms of digital control is also achievable in the high-performance variant. Moreover, large capacity units are available for large-scale operations. Chemical and heat resistant building materials are used for giving an added advanced feature.

Taken together, it can be said that forced air convection ovens are a reliable device when you have to work in a diverse range of temperature and require precise growing conditions/standard conditions for the samples. However, due to the high range of temperatures, it is imperative for you to also be extra careful during your operations.

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