Guidelines To Choose The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Coimbatore

Hair transplant is really displeasing especially because it dents one’s social confidence and self-belief. It is often corroborated with incidents of anxiety, mood swings etc. Yet it is very common and is even exacerbated these days due to incidence of pollution, lifestyle changes and stress. In men, the pattern baldness usually occurs in the form of hair thinning or hair loss along the front line or the temporal triangles or a patch at the vertex of the scalp. Whereas in women, the pattern baldness occurs along the partition line. Permanent hair loss is irreversible, i.e. it can only be paused with the use of medicines etc. but the long-term solution to deal with it is hair transplant.

Hair transplant is an elective surgical procedure that can help patients suffering from various grade of baldness to re-gain natural hair. It is a painless procedure where in your surgeon will extract hair follicles from one portion of your scalp or certain identified areas in your body and transplant them at the bald site. Since, the chosen hair follicles are permanent in nature, so if the treatment is done properly, one could see natural looking permanent results.

If you reside in Coimbatore, you would have seen several marketing campaigns or advertisements about hair transplant. In fact, hair transplant in Coimbatore is scaling with each passing day. A lot of men and women are choosing to enhance their looks. To cater to this swelling demand, a lot of centres have come up that claim to offer best results. However, one should be wary of such centres and only choose reliable and established centres for his/her treatment otherwise there could be failed hair transplant or medical complications or ugly looking results. In India, the most reliable hair transplant centres are in Delhi and Jaipur. These two places are home to several world-renowned surgeons who have their well settled clinics. These clinics treat a lot of national and international patients each year and thus, the breadth of their experience is huge. The ace name amongst these clinics is of Medispa Hair transplant clinic, owned and managed by the world renowned and awarded surgeon, Dr. Suneet Soni. His patient list includes several celebrities and the feedback from all the patients is exemplary.

If you need to know some guidelines that can help you choose clinic for best hair transplant in Coimbatore, try to follow below:

1.     Surgeon: At the end of the day, it is the surgeon operating on you that shall execute the surgery, make key decisions during the entire treatment process. Hence, it becomes very important that you choose a surgeon who is really strong in profile.

When we say profile, it means a combination of qualifications, experience and expertise. This ensures that the surgeon has adequate academic knowledge, sufficient working or practical knowledge and is precise and adept at his job. Since, hair transplant involves recreating hairline, expertise or surgical acumen is quite essential to get that perfect natural looking result.

2.     Feedback: Everything today is a click or two away. So, do not hesitate to contact past patients or use online resources to verify the clinic’s past cases. Pictures of patients before and after treatment. Reputation of the clinic in handling patients, safety of procedure, the quality of support team etc.

3.     Infrastructure: A good clinic should have superior technical abilities in terms of equipment and techniques used. This is because a surgeon’s ability to deliver results multiplies when supported by the right technology. Thus, a clinic which has superior technology and practices several techniques to perform hair transplant is a better one.

4.     Who owns the clinic? The surgeon him/herself or a corporate chain. If former, it is better. Simply because then you can expect higher stakes for the surgeon, more ownership, direct involvement and results that are easy to verify specifically to that surgeon. Further, because of frequent attrition in corporate owned clinics, the continuity of treatment is disturbed.

5.     Cost of hair transplant: Hair transplant cost in Coimbatore is less than national average and that’s simply because there are no established clinics or reputed surgeons in Coimbatore. Hence, most of the wise patients prefer to travel to Delhi or Jaipur in quest of a high quality treatment. However, some gullible patients fall in the trap of such centres in Coimbatore which over promise the results and rain discounts. So, please be cautious to focus not just on cost but quality plus cost.

Medispa Hair transplant clinic scores ten on ten on all the above parameters and thus, is internationally trusted to be symbolic of quality and excellence. Dr. Suneet Soni, the owner of Medispa and also the chief surgeon has been an outstanding surgeon and has pioneered several key technologies in the field of hair transplant.

So, if you are planning to find the best clinic for your hair transplant in Coimbatore, it is highly advisable to travel to Delhi or Jaipur and avail the services of Medispa Hair transplant clinic to realise the difference yourself.

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