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Is a Professional Certificate in Data Science Worth it?

How would a professional career in Data Science look like? Is Data Scientist the fastest growing IT job in recent times? Will I evolve into a highly skilled individual with Data Science?

Emphatically, these are some of the most important questions that a Data science aspirant would want to be answered at any cost. Indeed, a career in data science can help you climb up the success ladder in no time.

For making an upshot in the professional job sphere, individuals must take up a relevant Data Science certification. It is not that any certification alone will allow you to be a successful data scientist, data analyst, or AI engineer, and so on. It is the skills and knowledge that the certification passes on to you, will make a visible difference! 

What would a right Data Science certification do for you?
-         A self-paced professional data science certification will help you to become a victorious data scientist.

-         It will teach you about must-learn Data Science tools, techniques, strategies, and languages.

-         Help you get knowledge about new technologies in the market.

-         Help you build your technical powers and invest your mental energies in the right direction.

-         Make you industry-relevant and train you according to the market demands of employers.

-         Offering vast practical knowledge, a structured approach for offering better hands-on experience on technological software and machines.

-         Assistance from corporate/industry-based trainers - that can offer a finer direct insight into a real-world performance of data science tools.

-         Preparing students for a future that is dictated by Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

-         Help you deal with many data science technical tools. These are - Python, Pandas, NumPy, Matplot, Tableau, Seaborn, and Google Data Studio.

-         Built an urge to be a winner in every situation and tackle industry extremity with best-earned data science skills.

-         Reskill you if you are already working in the domain of data science at a low level.

Training offered by an authentic industry-led Data Science certification -

●      A profound understanding of various data structures.

●      An ability to manipulate and structure data.

●      Capability to understand and employ linear and non-linear regression models.

●      Use of advised data science classification tools and techniques that can help with a proper analysis of data that has been collected.

●      Starting with data preparation and moving on towards exploratory data analysis.

●      Having a grasp of data wrangling. This includes a transfer of data from a raw position to another format.

●      Understanding data visualization. Cleaning complex data sets and coming to better insights.

●      Understanding how supervised and unsupervised learning models of data science work. These include linear regression, clustering, logistic regression, and dimensionality reduction.

●      Skill-building with mathematical computation and automation.

●      Understanding how to make a machine learn with NLP - Natural Language Processing and TSM - Time Series Modeling.

●      Hands-on experience on Tableau.

●      Creation of interactive dashboards for industries ad companies. This is done mainly to group useful data in a better way.

Just Imagine - Where you can lead in your career with these skills!

You would lead a life of exact comfort and glory when you get to serve in your favorite role and job position at any of the top IT companies!

It’s time to let your company make higher profits and minimize loss of funds by analyzing market data in the most superior way possible.

Professional certification in data science makes you fit in some leading data science careers. These job roles have sky-high pays in 2021. These are:

-      Data Scientist

-      Data Analyst

-      Machine Learning Developer

-      Machine Learning Engineer

-      Applications Architect

-      Data Architect

-      Enterprise Architect

-      Infrastructure Architect

-      Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

-      Data Engineer

-      Statistician

Recent Estimates

What are the recent estimates telling us? According to the survey, the data scientists are highly paid professionals.  

In India, data scientists are earning around ₹7,00,000 every year. While in the most developed country the US, data scientists are making up around $125,000 every year.

The scenario is changing drastically. The professionals are moving from the analytics industry towards rising data science careers. The shift has been so much more than 500% since 2015! The figures are surprising.

Thus, a professional certification in data science is a worthy investment for one’s career! The professionals are transitioning from engineering roles to take up the role of data scientists. This is major because the professionals are getting a hike of more than 30%.

Make a worthy start, a take your career to the next level with recognized data science certifications, today! You can also join the Data Science Professional Certification at Careerera, and learn from the best world-class data science instructors. 

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