Is a Covid test needed to fly Aeromexico to Mexico?

The past two years have been nothing short of a frantically testing time for the human populace, as all nations over the globe fought the Covid Pandemic. The countries adopted a huge number of safety measures and protocols to resist the pandemic. These protocols involved lots of travel rules and guidelines specific to each nation.

The current scenario is promising, and as the Covid infection loses its intensity every day, many nations, including Mexico, have shunned the temporary travel restrictions that had been set up due to the pandemic. Even more so, Airlines like Aeromexico are now complying with the rule of the land they are servicing. But do you need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico Mexico? Questions like these have been discussed in the later sections, so read on to learn about them.

What are the current travel sanctions on flying to Mexico?

The Covid regulations while traveling with Aeromexico are dependent upon the final destination of the passenger.

If an individual is traveling to someplace that demands vaccination proof or a negative Covid test, then the person would have to present the needed documents to Aeromexico.

If the final destination of a person has lifted the Covid sanctions and doesn’t mandate the need for Covid vaccination or resistance history of the flyers, then one can travel via Aeromexico without any such documents.

People traveling via connecting flights will have to carry their Covid test or vaccination proofs in the airports in between their journey, only if the last destination demands the proofs.

Those who are soon to travel to Mexico can relax as the Mexican authorities have discarded the transient Covid norms. People can travel in and out of Mexico without any Covid vaccination certificates or a Covid test.

How can I contact Aeromexico?

Those who have further queries can call Aeromexico Customer care to get clear answers and resolve any concerns. The contact details of the Aeromexico voice support are available on the official Aeromexico website, and one can dial the number to reach a support representative.

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