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Which Is the Easier One to Learn, Java or CCNA?

I think programming is the better one. Now you are still young, and you still have a lot of time when you are in your twenties. Learning the programming is not harmful to you. If you have the strong self-studying ability, self-study may be better than the training. If your self-learning ability is not proficient, and you also don't have any basis, I think that choosing to the training institutions to learn may be a good choice. After all, everyone will learn these knowledge with a better environment. Although many people think that learning in the training organization is not necessary, I find choosing to the training institutions to learn may be better for those who do not have any basis. Even if their main purpose is to make money. But if you are not too poor, you can go to these institutions. After all, there are a lot of teaching experience. And some training institutions have been heard that they have been tracking something new. However, whether you choose to go to the training institutions or take the self-study is your decision. In fact, the most important thing is your self-consciousness. Even if you choose to go to the training institutions, it is only provide a more scientific and atmospheric environment. The most important thing is your own efforts.


As for the easier one to learn, I think it's the CCNA exam. The Cisco CCNA only involves the basic knowledge of the network and equipment. However, there is a large learning content in the Java and it involves not only the basic grammar, but also a lot of applications in the later period. This is a cross-platform language with a lot of things. It is sure that learning the Java is more difficult than learning the CCNA dumps. But the same applies are in many places of them.


I am very confused in this question. I have got the Cisco CCNA certification in 2008, and now I make the certificate useless in my house. As far as I know, if you have passed the CCNA and have experience in installation, it may be no problem for you to work as a network administrator in the Internet bar. I can't think of any other use. Although CCNA is very fundamental, it is a little bit difficult for you to pass the CCNA exam without go to training institution. Because it involves the technique in the examination. Generally if your English is quite good, you can go to Cisco's official website to read the test rules and skills directly and you can do some simulation questions. But it's hard for you to get the discount. The CCNA certification cost is not low, so it will be a trouble if you fail in the CCNA exam. So you had better  go to take the training courses. Now if you take the CCNP training courses, you can get the CCNA training courses for free. The price is relatively low compared to the price a few years ago. The training fee and the examination fee nearly reach ten thousand, but the passing rate is very high. Of course, this has a lot to do with the question bank. General training period is one month. And then you need to wait for a month to receive the certificate. To be honest, there is no technical content. So there are too many people with CCNP now. So don't expect too much effect. As for the Java programming, I have passed the SCJP last year. Learning Java is not equivalent to  learning the C#. The learning cycle is longer. If you want to be programmer, you need to learn the Java at least for a year. And the C# only takes you half a year to learn. But I personally agree to learn the Java. In fact, C# is also good, if you choose to learn the Java.


Fine, you should choose the Java! Java is internationally available. The Java language is simple, secure (tamper-resistant), multi-threaded, high-performance (close to the C++), and I won't list them all.


CCNA is the most elementary certification in the whole Cisco certification system. However, it is the necessary requirement to obtain CCNP certification, CCDP certification and CCSP certification (CCIP certification and CCIE certification are not mandatory), and many Cisco Qualified Specialists also require candidates to obtain CCNA certification first.


And the validity period of the CCNA certificate is three years. If you want to continue to make it valid, you need to take the re-certification exam before expiration. If you take the Cisco certification at a higher level in three years, the validity period of the CCNA certification will be automatically renewed.


However, the cost of CCNA is low! You need to make your own choice. I'm just offering the advice.


CCNA is relatively easy to start and many people have learned it.


Java still has a future. After learning it well, you can take the position at the software development or something.


There are too many CCNA now!


Network starting point is better, and I have worked in the computer industry works for two years. If you do not have any ability in the software, you are just a programmer without future.

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