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QuickBooks Error 12157? Employ this efficient strategy!

QuickBooks is excellent accounting software that provides all the possible services to Users. Regardless of all its expanding characteristics, it put forward some technical glitches. One such glitch is QuickBooks error 12157. This error belongs to 12,000 series of mistakes in which users failed to update QuickBooks or its components. Not using the updated version of QuickBooks can result in incompatibility. This incompatibility may further give rise to other technical issues also. If you employ the correct techniques, then you can overcome this error quickly. Find some advanced approaches towards this issue and factors responsible for the error. Execute the strategy precisely to enable updating of the QB again.


Abolishing search complex errors may result in technical reversals as well. Therefore, contact the QuickBooks troubleshooting team at 1-855-856-0042 and receive the best troubleshooting help.

Causes for QuickBooks error 12157


The correct troubleshooting procedure is to always start by analysing the triggering factors. Loan why this error has occurred by referring to the points mentioned henceforth.


● The version of Microsoft Windows that you are using may not be compatible with the version of QuickBooks that you are trying to install.

● The most probable factor is the incorrect date and time of the system that doesn’t permit the upgradation process.

● Viruses and malware may have entered the system. The corrupted configuration of the system can also be a potent reason.

● 3rd party applications, such as security applications, may restrict the installation of such updates.

● The update files required by QuickBooks or other essential files may be missing. Firewall configuration or Internet settings may be inappropriate.

● Not removing junk files and folders and not using QB in an admin mode can also lead to this error.

● Using a lower-end desktop or not using QuickBooks in admin mode can also trigger the issue.

● Miscellaneous factors like Internet connection, default configuration, and so on must be kept in check.


These were some suspected triggering factors that Were responsible for the error.

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Solutions for QuickBooks error 12157


Considering the effect of this severe error, our team has formulated a resolution strong enough to terminate all the potential suspected causes of the error. Some prerequisites for the mistake would be to update the QB, restart the system, fix the primary configuration and so on. Follow the steps given below precisely.


Solution: Fix the Date & Time Configuration


• As primary as the title is, it holds equally significant configurations’ importance.

• Incorrect dates and times will hinder all the standard processing and will not allow updates.

• To fix this, you need to right-click on the time and date visible in the bottom right corner.

• Select ‘edit’ and insert the correct date and time.

• Save the changes and restart the system.


Try updating QB to ascertain that QuickBooks Error 12157 has been eliminated. For further technical aid and services, contact the QB support team at ‘1-855-856-0042’ and hire a skilled and experienced professional who’ll ensure to provide excellent troubleshooting services round-the-clock.


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