What are types of software testing?

Software testing is an integral part of the quality assurance for software. In simple words, “software testing is a sequence of processes to ensure that the code of a software is serving its purpose or not. It is the crucial phase of the software development lifecycle. It can be performed at any step and on any abstraction level during the software development process. The purpose of software testing is not just to prove that there are no bugs in the software code but also to detect and locate them.

What Are Software Testing?

Software testing is divided into two following major categories:

Functional Testing:- 

This testing validates the software against business objectives, requirements, and functionings of its desired specifications testing. 

Unit testing:

This unit testing validates whether each unit of software is working as expected or not. This one unit can be the smallest module or component of an application that is meant for testing.

Acceptance testing:

The best QA experts rely on this software testing variant to verify whether the entire system or solution is working as intended or not.

Integration testing:

This type of integration testing ensures whether the other software modules or components are working together when they are working well when they all are integrated together.

Regression testing:

The outsourced QA professionals rely on this functional testing to validate whether the latest updates with new features break or degrade the software

When the QA professionals do not have much time for regression testing, they choose Sanity testing to check menus, functions, and commands at the surface level.

Non-Functional Testing:-

The non-functional tests check the performance, security, usability testing etc of the enterprise solutions.

Performance testing:

This validates how the software performs under distinct workloads. One such example of performance testing is load testing which validates the performance under real-life load conditions.

Localization testing

This testing tests the regional and linguistic aspects of the application in order to acquire the targeted country or not. The content and UI are the major components that are tested primarily here.

Stress testing:

This testing validates how much stress or load a system can take before failing.

Usability testing:

It verifies the usability of software from the user’s perspective and how he will use it on a system or web application.

In each case, the QA Outsourcing experts take care to assess the base requirements. An effective test management plan helps in prioritizing the types of testing that give the most value. 

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