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All You Need To Know About AWS Data Analytics Exam

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a very important part of big data and cloud storage. Data storage and analysis are what keep the world going these days. This technology from AWS helps every small business grow and reach more people around the world.

Today, the term "AWS certification" is very well known. Candidates get ready for data analytics by getting the certification. Their specific skills are improved, and they are better able to do jobs that have to do with AWS. If you want to work with data as part of your job, this AWS certification will help you get there.

Here are some of the most important requirements for an AWS Certificate:


AWS Certificate Exam

The AWS data analytics exam is for a certificate of specialization. The candidates will work on improving their skills in Data Analytics and Big Data. AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam is previously known as AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty Exam. This certificate will give you a well-known way to prove that your AWS credentials are real.

Exam Requirements

There are no set minimum requirements to take the AWS exam. But having certain skills in the field of data analytics will make it easier to pass the certification exam. Knowledge and skills recommended for better results are:

  • Having worked in the field of data analytics for at least five years.
  • Having at least two years of real-world experience working with AWS.
  • Having basic skills that help you build, design, maintain and secure data analytics using AWS.


Exam Details

You should not only know the areas that the test covers, but also all the rules and information about the test. Knowing the format and how much time you have will help you get ready.

The test is in the form of a series of choices. Every person who wants to take the test needs to go to the test center. The test will take 3 hours (180 minutes). It can be used in English, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

This exam costs $300. All people who want to take the AWS certificate exam should keep these things in mind. If they know these details well, their minds will be ready for what to expect on the day of the test.

Parts of the Course Tested

Data analytics is a big subject, so instead of trying to cover everything, a candidate can prepare for the test by focusing on the following areas.

  • Keeping and taking care of data
  • This part of the test is important because it counts for 22% of the whole test.
  • Getting information
  • This area makes up 18% of the total number of questions on the AWS exam.
  • Visualization
  • About 18% of the questions on the whole test come from this section.
  • Data processing


This part of the test is a very important one. About a quarter of all the questions on the exam come from this head.

Data security

Also, 18% of the questions on the whole exam are in this section.

For better preparation, candidates can look at different samples and practice papers. The AWS certificate also comes with a study guide for the exam, which is very helpful for getting ready. Don't forget to do practice tests so you can figure out what you're good at and what you need to work on. Then work on them so you can stay calm on test day.

With the help of the AWS DAS-C01 exam, a professional can get better at their job. For preparation, one can choose a good DAS-C01 study guide and a DAS-C01 sample question. Always take the DAS-C01 practice test to learn more and see how well you've prepared for the DAS-C01 syllabus.


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