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What to do if your Google account is locked?

Are you locked out of your Google account and seeking advice on how to get back in? If your Google account has any odd or questionable behavior, it will lock you out and prevent you from the use of its services. Signing into your account too many times with the incorrect password will also result in your account being locked out. When you are locked out of Google account, you must follow the steps described below to regain access.

·       First and foremost, you must navigate to the Google login page.

·       After that, you must provide your email id then press the next button.

·       Then you can either enter any previously remembered password or select the Try another Way link.

·       After that, you may select your registered phone number as a recovery option.

·       Following that, Google will send you a code to your registered mobile phone through text or SMS.

·       Then, on the account recovery tab, input the received code, and you'll be taken to the password reset page.

·       Finally, you may create a new Google account password and use it to restore your locked account.

This is the most effective technique for regaining access to your Google account if you have been locked out for any reason. Furthermore, if you are unable to unlock your Google account using standard procedures, you can seek assistance from the company's customer service staff.

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