Everything you need to know about American Airlines seat Selection

American Airlines is well-known for the customer services it provides to the passengers traveling with the Airline. All the relevant details of various services and privileges the Airline provides to the customers are described on the official webpage of American Airlines. Suppose you have purchased a ticket with American Airlines and wish to choose seats; you can put the query of how do I choose my seat on American Airlines? As a passenger, you have the right to select the seat of your choice.

American Airline

There are several ways to select and book the chosen seat on American Airlines, which are as follows:

Online: when you are purchasing your ticket or after the booking is made, there are some easy ways to choose seats which are given below

  • Go to the official website of American Airlines
  • Click on ‘manage my booking
  • Enter your last name and reference number.’
  • Choose the select seat option 
  • Enter you preference 
  • Get confirmation from the Airline

Web check-in: You can choose and book your seat as per your preferences on a scheduled flight while doing a web check-in. This is one of the most convenient ways of selecting seats.

Kiosk check-in: On reaching the Airport, you can do a check-in via kiosks installed by the Airline and select preferred seats

Counter check-in: if you are doing check-in at the counter of American Airlines, you can request the Airline staff to allot you a seat as per your preference. 

All the above-discussed ways of seat selection are subject to the availability of seats. But the next point is how much does American Airlines charge for seat selection? The charges of selecting a seat are conditional as per the policies of the Airline. If you are a Premium or business class traveler, you can select your seat free of cost without paying any extra charges. The same rule may also apply to regular customers of American Airlines. Other passengers may need to pay an amount if they wish to upgrade their seats. If a passenger from economy class wants to get a seat in first or business class, the difference in the fare charges will be payable by the passenger. If the preferred seat is in the same class in which the ticket is booked, it will be done free of cost, subject to availability. 

After booking a ticket on American Airlines, how do i get a preferred seat on American Airlines is a very obvious query by the passengers. To choose a seat as per preferences, you can do it if:

  • If you are an elite member of the Airline
  • If you are a regular customer of the Airline
  • If you bid for a particular seat
  • Pay extra charges to the Airline for a particular seat

If you are flying with American Airlines and wish to book a seat of your choice, you will want to know Can I pick a preferred seat on American Airlines? Yes, you can always choose a preferred seat on American Airlines, subject to Airline's availability and other terms and conditions.

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