Mobile applications can bring many benefits to a company, for example, improve communication with customers, increase sales with offers and promotions, and facilitate processes such as purchases and payments. Therefore, more and more companies are incorporating these tools.

Contrary to what many entrepreneurs believe, developing an app is not such a complicated or expensive process, in fact there are platforms for the creation and administration of mobile applications that do not require programming knowledge or writing code, such as Appstylo which is an app builder that helps create an app.

Actually, the most important thing when incorporating an application into the business is to determine what we want it for and what characteristics it should have in order for it to be useful and above all, to be valued by our customers. Here we share the five points that you cannot fail to take into account. However, we would suggest you to create an app using the app maker.

Define Your Goal

It is not about having an app because it is fashionable, or because the competition already has one. Ask yourself: what business problem is it going to solve? How will you improve the customer experience? Is it really necessary?

Set a release date

A project of this type can take longer than necessary if you do not work with a work plan and a deadline. Note that Android (Google's operating system) and iOS (Apple's) take a few weeks to approve and review a new app.


For an application to be successful, it is important that you know what the competition is doing, if there are similar applications, what type of designs work best, what are the technical requirements, what are the best development platforms and how you will be able to generate income.

Work on the prototype and storyboard

An application must be intuitive and allow the user to navigate through the different screens in a fluid way, without the need to receive instructions to advance and achieve their final goal. For example, if it is an app to make payments, enter data such as the receipt or card number, or check out, it must be easy and safe.

Make tests and adjustments before design

Ask your family, friends and acquaintances to use the app prototype and give you an honest opinion about its usefulness, user experience and errors. Keep in mind that once you have started the design process, it will be more difficult and expensive to make changes.

An alternative that some people often choose is to hire a freelancer. It may sound like a tempting (and cheaper) option, but keep in mind that one person will not be able to handle all the work and the end result will surely be limited; a programmer is not enough, it would also be convenient to have advice on design, architecture, tests, etc.

In conclusion, the speed app builders and practicality make these tools the ideal solution if you do not require much from your application. One thing to add here is that you also have some best free app builder as well which you can use. The bad part is that you will not have the advice of any expert and you will be limited to the predefined options that the application already brings. If you require something more complex, you should definitely look for one of the other options.

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