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How do I become a full stack developer with no experience?

The field of full stack development is becoming more and more popular as businesses and organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of full stack developers. The full-stack developers are finding themselves in greater and greater demand with every passing day.

The reason for this is that now technological innovation has brought about such technologies that it is not too difficult to become a full-stack developer even without experience. Also, full-stack developers are able to accomplish tasks which it would normally take 10 regular software developers to accomplish.

With the rising demand for full-stack developers, more and more professionals are becoming interested in becoming full-stack developers. However, it is quite difficult to acquire the experience needed to be selected for full-stack developer positions.

How Can I Become a Full Stack Developer Without Experience?

In this article, we will see how an individual can become a full-stack developer even if he is starting from zero experience. Let us proceed. At the start, we can say that the easiest way to do so is to get a  PGP in Full Stack certification.

Step 1 – Learn all the required programming languages -

This is the most basic and fundamental full-stack development prerequisite. The learner should learn all the programming languages which a full-stack developer commonly requires. Full-stack development most predominantly involves programming new software applications.

So knowledge of the major programming languages commonly used in full-stack development is a must. These programming languages include – HTML, CSS, Javascript, and miscellaneous backend technologies such as PHP, Java, Python, or SQL. All of these programming languages are taught in the Post Graduate Certification in Full-Stack.

By knowing these programming languages the learner will be able to design and develop new software applications according to the needs of his clients or customers very quickly and very easily.

Step 2 – Go deep into the full stack tools -

The most common mistake which learners usually make is this – they will learn all the programming languages required for full-stack development but they will not go deep into them. They will become satisfied by acquiring only a surface knowledge of those programming languages.

For instance, if a learner is learning Javascript, he will only learn enough Javascript to be able to make a simple web page that presents a few text boxes before the readers, takes some inputs, and then gives some outputs based on the inputs. 

They will not learn enough Javascript to be able to create complex and interactive web pages. So it is important to learn the programming languages required for full-stack development deeply and thoroughly.

The learners should also learn common full-stack development tools such as Bootstrap, CodePen, Atom,  Sketch, Mockplus, etc. 

Step 3 – Become an expert in any one technology -

One very important point which most learners miss is that even though full-stack developers are generalists and jacks of all trades, even among them there are specialists. These specialists become very desirable and businesses and organizations always have a big demand for them.

This is because the specialists specialize in one particular technology which is a very important part of the full-stack development suite. So businesses or organizations which have a need for that particular skill will approach that specialist and offer very high salaries to him in order to enlist him for their project.

So it is very beneficial for the learner to become an expert at any one particular full-stack technology so that they can eventually become an entrenched expert in that particular technology and become famed for their expertise.

Step 4 – Get a full-stack certification -

This is the most important and vital step in becoming a full-stack developer, especially if the individual does not have any experience to start with. The learner should enroll in a Full-Stack web developer certification online course without any delay.

The learner will be able to learn a lot of information and knowledge in a very short time under the guidance of the expert instructors of the Full Stack developer certification online course. If he tried to learn the same information and knowledge on his own through self-study, it could take him years upon years of time.

Also, Full Stack Certification Training courses typically have very high-quality course study materials which present all the core concepts and topics of the field of full-stack development in a systematic and organized manner. So the learner will be highly benefitted by taking a full-stack certification course.

Step 5 – Develop your practical skills -

Next, the learner should start to develop their practical skills by attempting as many full-stack development projects as they can. By creating large non-trivial software projects by themselves the learners will gain valuable practical and hands-on experience which will increase their confidence in their abilities.

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