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how can speak to a someone at Hotmail?

Hotmail is a spectacular online tool that works to provide millions with the facility to use digital methods of communication. It has customer service that is well-trained and professional to provide everyone with the aid they require. Anyone can connect with its support and gain help from its live person using the official steps given below.

  • From the official website of Hotmail, gain the customer service number and dial it to connect with its user.
  • Follow the IVR options to obtain all details from the audio instructions you get on the phone.
  • Press 1, Get help by contacting Hotmail to gain the login details and the recovery methods.
  • Press 5 to change the settings of your account according to your desire for using a Hotmail account without any flaw.
  • Press 0, get in touch with a live person to gain information on the terms & conditions of Hotmail.
  • Press #, and get in touch with a live person to gain information about the extra details.
  • On getting connected, talk to him and ask him to resolve your relevant query after giving all details.

With the proper and careful implementation of the above process, anyone can gain access to the customer service team of Hotmail and talk to them for support. You can learn about How can I speak to someone at Hotmailwith the use of the above process. Besides, you can contact directly to the customer service team through the live chat method to connect with someone at Hotmail.

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