Introduction to the product advantages of instant kettle

The instant electric kettle is not a replacement of the traditional electric kettle, nor a simple technical change, but a brand-new concept electric kettle, which can boil cold water instantly, boil as much as you drink, and you don’t need to boil the whole pot. Drink the water after boiling, so that it can be consumed immediately, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and healthy.


Ready to drink

Instant electric kettles are slightly more powerful than traditional electric kettles, and can boil water in a few seconds. They are very suitable for fast-paced modern life and save valuable time for people. Because it is hot and ready to drink, it can also ensure The water is fresh.


Energy saving

Although the instant electric kettle is slightly more powerful than the traditional electric kettle, it saves energy due to the short heating time. The traditional electric kettle must boil the whole pot of water before drinking it.


When it’s time to drink a glass of water, the water in the pot may have cooled down, so it has to be boiled again. This wastes water energy and the boiled water (the so-called thousand-boiling water) is not fresh after being drunk many times. The human body is disadvantageous.


Small volume

Instant electric kettles are similar in size to traditional electric kettles, and their usage habits are similar to our drinking fountains. They are suitable for many environments, offices, bedrooms, and living rooms.


Adjustable temperature

Unlike traditional electric kettles, the heating does not stop until the water is boiled. The instant electric kettle can not only be hot and drink, but also can adjust the water temperature. It is more suitable for different teas and beverages.


For example, milk powder needs about 60 degrees water, green tea needs about 80 degrees water, black tea needs 100 degrees water, and so on.


No noise

Traditional electric kettles make a lot of noise when they say they are about to boil, while instant electric kettles can hardly hear any noise due to the use of a brand-new heating method.


More advanced anti-dry function

The traditional electric kettle has the function of preventing dry burning. The heating switch can be pressed when there is no water, and the heating tube still works as usual. If the temperature control fails at this time, the kettle may catch fire.


But the instant electric kettle adopts a new anti-dry function. As long as there is no water in the kettle and the amount of water is small, the heating tube will not work regardless of whether the switch is turned on or not, ensuring safety.


This is the instant kettle, using MCH high-efficiency heating technology; smaller size, faster thermal response, higher thermal efficiency, fast heating in 3 seconds.


The water output is larger and smoother than the products sold on the market. There is no intermittent, irregular or even sudden ejection phenomenon. Give you a smoother and faster experience. You can contact us if necessary.

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