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All AboutKedarkantha Trek

All AboutKedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is situated over Govind pashu vihar national park in Uttarakhand which constitutes perfect snow and trek in the Himalayas. It is set at an altitude of 12,500 feet and is the most beautiful rounded peak. Even in winters, it makes a perfect trek to go for as you go through vast meadows and dense forests. And for beginners, they can easily do the Kedarkantha trek with no difficulties around. 

The foremost reason for the Kedarkantha trek is the summit climb. As you climb through steep slopes the world opens up around you. The big mountains will follow you the whole trek and the entire path is steep so you will come across various challenges that will make your trek thrilling. 

Not only this outside the summit the trek is also known for its awesome clearings. It is surrounded by beautiful forests that will immerse you by its everlasting lush as you walk through Govind national park. 

Kedarkantha trek duration is 6 days which will delight you with its utmost greenery, collection of flora, frozen pounds, and high peaks. 

What you can look out for:

The drive to the base camp is what you will enjoy the most. There is an 18 km stretch drive through Mori valley alongside the river Tons where you see the glimpses of pine forest which will mesmerize you. 

Do you wish to know about local people who live there with their own cultures and traditions? You can get to explore Gaichawon Gaon and Kotgaon when you campsite there. These two villages are very near to each other but have different lifestyles so get ready to have a sight of their living styles. 

The forests of Kedarkantha offer splendid views when you stretch from Kotgaon you will feel such oneness that the forest will provide you with its scenic beauty. It has its own wilderness and is immensely dense. Also, the magic occurs when the sun plays hide and seek with you. And it will indulge you to do this trek again as you do it once. 

The clearings that Kedarkanth provides you will remember for your lifetime. Each of the clearings is so different that it will make your journey with lots of surprises. For example, Khujey gives you large cliffs around campsite and Juda Ka Talab offers you the lake which will immerse you. And most of all the sunset from these clearings offers you stunning sights. 

Also you will find multiple routes for the Kedarkantha trek and each route is distinctive from the other as it offers numerous beautiful sights. So the advantage of the Kedarkantha trek is that you can explore the trek the way you want to reach the summit. 

Lastly but not least, the Kedarkanth trek offers dramatic sunsets. Julia and Pukhrola's side of mountains are wide open to the sky which makes the view of sunset a must-watch for you. So get yourself packed to be lost in the amazing sights of the Kedarkantha trek. 

Best time to go:

You can go for 10 months in a year for the Kedarkantha trek so it is most accessible. July and August are the season of rain so it is not recommended to travel during this time. And except these two months, you can trek anytime and also you will experience equally different things on each of the different seasons. 

In winters you see there is fresh snow and the forest and grasslands are surrounded with snow all over. So it constitutes a difficult but an adventurous climb to the summit. 

In spring which is from March and April you see a residual amount of snow. But the forest is colorful with vibrant colours and lush green meadows. 

In summers you will find no snow there but Kedarkantha offers beautiful summit climbs. The meadows turn gold and the sunrise is so beautiful to see there. You can experience mild rainfall during May end. 

In autumn there is largely no snow in the months of September to November. The evenings are cold and mild mornings. It offers spring forests and colorful meadows. 

However Kedarkanth trek in winters would be best over the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. 

 Kedarkanth peak offers a blissful site at the top so it is a must to go there to completely forget all your miseries and escape from it. 

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