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When to ask for a mortgage loan?

When can I apply for a mortgage loan?

We are aware of the fear that is linked to the concept of a loan. From Tu Mejor Loan we want to make it very clear that requesting a loan is not something negative or dangerous. A loan gives us liquidity that in the short or long term will help us achieve certain vital and financing objectives.

When considering asking for a loan, it is very important to take into account our situation and our context, in addition to keeping in mind a fundamental keyword: RESPONSIBILITY . 

There are different scenarios in which a loan could help us achieve our specific goals. From Tu Mejor Loan we are aware of the difficulty and the thousands of doubts that requesting a loan can entail from the outset; do not be overwhelmed, we are here to help you and raise it in the easiest and most transparent way possible. 

In general, a mortgage loan is directly linked to a specific need for liquidity. Next, we tell you about the different lines of financing that you can access to solve the moments in which you need to request a loan. 

Loans for individuals

There are several situations at a particular level in which it may be a good option to request a loan with our entity. In Tu Mejor Loan we know our clients and we put ourselves in the situation of each one to provide them with a product that suits their needs:

  • Private equity loan

The best alternative to apply for a home equity loan, without so much delay or cumbersome procedures that make it impossible for you to do what you want to do.

  • Auction cancellation / embargoes

We give you the money you need to help you cancel the auction or foreclosure of your home as quickly as possible. 

  • Inheritance loan

In Tu Mejor Loan we advance the money to pay the expenses and taxes at the time of receiving an inheritance without having to give up your assets. 

  • Advance for housing

If you need an advance to sell your house and you cannot find a buyer, we will provide you with the financing you need. As an advance on the sale, you can receive a private equity loan, which will allow you to buy time to get the best price and study other offers before making a decision.

Business loans

In the business world, a loan at the right time can give us a boost at the investment level to be able to achieve business objectives or solve any debt caused by an unexpected situation.

  • Developer Loans

This type of loan is focused on a context in which your company requires liquidity on a completed project in order to start another, and at that moment you do not have enough capital. Through the financing for developers, you can have a private equity loan that will help you continue with your business activity, promote buildings or give a boost to that venture. 

  • Rehabilitation and reforms

This loan is aimed at the rehabilitation and reforms of business spaces to increase the value of the business property, be more competitive in the market and that if the time comes to sell the property we can sell it quickly and with a consistent price.

  • Liquidity for companies

If you are an entrepreneur and you need liquidity to carry out your commercial, industrial or professional project, this is the option. With a real estate asset as collateral, you can make it happen. 

  • Financing premises and warehouses

Cover your financial needs through the guarantee of your premises or industrial warehouse and quickly obtain the financing that you will need to cover. 

  • Equity financing

We finance equity companies, providing the necessary financial resources to help you solve any unforeseen event or investment you may have.

Loans for taxi drivers

When you are working as a taxi driver, unforeseen events may arise constantly related to a large repair, vehicle maintenance and / or taxi implantation, although you can also consider covering other external expenses. 

From our entity we offer you a financing line designed to cover any type of expense. The requirement we offer is to present a taxi license as a guarantee.  

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