What version of Dynamics NAV or Business Central are you using?

Getting updates regularly in your business-related application is essential to get your work to go on smoothly. But to get the updates done in the right way, it is important to know which version of Dynamics NAV or Business Central you have been using. 


Earlier, it was much easier to understand the software version that you are using. But now, it has become quite confusing because the software's product name and version number are quite different now. 


But before finding out the versions, it is essential to check which option you have got. For example, it is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central


Identifying The Software

There are some simple ways on how to identify the software.


If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can see the name appearing on the top bar of your web browser.


If you are using Dynamics NAV, there are different displays for different versions of NAV.

  • For Dynamic NAV RTC, you can see tiles and ribbons similar to Microsoft Office.
  • But in the version of NAV Classic, you will find the options of File, Edit, and View menu on the top bar.

Finding Out The Version

Now, depending upon the software you have been using, you will be able to find out the version you are using by following three different options. 

Method 1: For Business Central

Step - 1 - Log into your Business Central and click on the question mark on the top right corner for Help.

Step - 2 - Go to Help & Support and then Troubleshooting, where you will be able to notice the version that you are using.

Method 2: Dynamic NAV RTC

Step - 1 - Log in to NAV and click on the top left corner to get a dropdown.

Step - 2 - Go for Help and then click the About option.

Step - 3 - The product and the version details will get displayed on the screen.

Method 3: NAV Classic

Step - 1 - Log in to NAV Classic and go to Help from the top section.

Step - 2 - Here, in the Help section, you will get the option of About, from where you will get the software version. 


Thus, once you know which software you are using, you can check out the version you are using too to proceed with the required activities such as updates and others. 

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