Ishita Sinha

SECRETS OF LAST LIFE: A short story worth read



It may be yesterday or a decade back or even previous birth.

Wait a minute!!- “Previous Birth?? You mean Rebirth?? Is it true??

Many people believe that ‘after death, the soul is taken to the underground labyrinth for punishment of their sins post which they are ready to be reborn in a new body. And the whole period between death and rebirth lasts 49 days.’

There are many religions including Hinduism which believe in the concept of rebirth or reincarnation, but many others absolutely discard this theory.

Like many, I also did not believe in rebirth, but I do believe that there are many things which are beyond explanation.

One such instance i am going to share with you all. I won’t force you to believe this or this very concept which has been highly debatable.

There is a small town in West Bengal named “Kalyani”. For a brief period, my dad was posted there. We used to live in a nice bungalow which was surrounded by a lovely garden. In our neighborhood, there was a little girl named Shefali (name changed). She had a cut mark on her forehead since birth. That’s why everybody in her house treated her specially. When Shefali turned 3 years old, she began revealing facts from her past life. She remembered her past name, her family, and the village she belonged to, and the cut mark that came from when she fell from the roof while flying kites. She also started taking the names of people she had never ever met or heard of.

“ Bishu amay mere dilo” (Bishu killed me)

“ O amay chad theke fele dilo” (He dropped me from the roof.)

Her parents were shocked, but they didn’t mind it much at first. But the same thing continued almost every day. It made her parents surprised as the 3 yr old child was taking the same name again and again without forgetting when she barely had learnt to speak pa-pa and ma-ma.

Time passed on and the frequency of recollecting the past increased. Not only that she had started telling the stories of her past life, Shefali was growing more restless.

“Amader bari jogacha te” (our home is in Jogacha)– uttered little Shefali one day .

 Her parents consulted a doctor but he couldn’t help them much as Shefali was physically fit. Finally, on the advice of some relatives and friends, Shefali’s parents decided to take her to the place she was repeatedly talking about.

They reached Jogacha. Shefali took them to her house of previous birth. That was the house of Mr. Krishna Kishore Basu (name changed). Shefali’s father narrated the whole story and all those names they had been listening from their daughter.        

Mr. Basu and his wife looked awestruck and slowly drops of tears started rolling down their cheeks. Mrs. Basu burst into tears and hugged Shefali

 Three years ago, Partha who was Mr Basu’s younger son fell off the roof while flying kite and died. Everybody thought it was an accident. But now they knew the truth. Partha’s parents were in tears, they had their dead son present in front of them in human form with all memories, but they couldn’t own her now.

Surprisingly, after meeting with Partha’s parents Shefali turned into a normal child. She stopped speaking the names or anything related to her previous life. 2-3 years down the line she had forgotten her previous life incidents and she along with her parents started living a normal life. Mr and Mrs Basu periodically drops to her home and spends some time with her, she believes them as her relatives now.

At present Shefali is a happy working woman who is enjoying her life ….

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