Priyanka  Shekhawat

An Enriching Misadventure

Type-short story

Genre- suspense

Title- An Enriching Misadventure

Hello, Priyanka here !!

I am here to share one of my life experiences. 

On the onset i would like to ask you how will you react when you get repeated phone calls from unknown numbers??

Of course, it must be annoying and disgusting at times , Isn't it?? I believe, Being a girl, getting phone calls from unknown numbers at odd hours is something you never wish to encounter. 

Now I am going to describe to you one such incident that I have been through in my life. The story starts like this: 

Once i got a call from an unknown person on a Friday evening. It was then when it all started. At first, I thought it must have been unintentional but gradually the number of unknown calls started increasing. This started to annoy me a little. The calls continued till my bedtime. So, as an  immediate solution I started blocking the numbers. As i was in no mood to talk to strangers. But there was no end to the continuous unknown calls. For the first time I got pissed off by listening to my own ringtone on a continuous basis. This got onto my nerves and I threw away the sim and went off to call it for the day. 

Next day, I had to rush to the office for work. As I had a lot to attend to at work I preferred a day off for my sim.. I came back home exhausted after a tough day at work .After dinner, I went back to my bed and reinserted the sim. To my regret it was all the same like yesterday - unknown calls, whatsapp text and missed call alerts, continued jst like yesterday i attended a few calls but couldn't understand what the hell were they talking, as they were talking in the local language (Assamese). I was amazed at this as I had no such close contact with the local people (assamese). Luckily one of the callers could understand hindi. Immediately I asked him, '' Dada, kaha se mila yeh number?? ". He replied, '' youtube se mila madam''. I was shocked to hear this. Immediately I asked him about the details of the video so that I could track it on youtube. The man was not aware of the details of the video, however in broken English he said some words like secret and that the video was in assamese. After that i requested him if he could share the link of the video, to which he replied that he would share the link the following day(i think the man was not literate enough to understand how sharing of vedio link is done). That night was loooonnnngggggg night. Not for a single moment could I keep head still. Innumerable thoughts kept crawling in my head which further increased my plight. Thoughts like what sort of video was it? What was the caption used? What was the subject of the video? Where any of my photos from social media was morphed and used there? Over anything else what the hell was my number doing there? And why the hell is this word Secret associated with my number? That night I cried and made my pillow wet. I don't exactly remember when i stopped crying and fell asleep.

Next day was a Sunday morning. I woke up with the primary object "aaj toh yeh link nikaal k hi rahungi, yeh pura maslaa aaj solve kr k hi rahungi. But to my regret the day started with unknown calls, text, msg alerts. I immediately called the person who had promised me to share the damn fucking link but he didn't receive my call despite 5-6 attempts. Now i thought to twist the approach so i started taking all the calls, replying to all the texts and whatsapp msgs, even i started monitoring truecallers to get the identity associated with unknown callers. It was then when i found out that the identity associated with them was of sweepers, drivers and the like making me believe that people associated with lower income were calling me and making me feel like a celebrity (i must tell you that i like to maintain a low profile and have got no intention of becoming a celebrity).That night I also made a call to one of my uncles who is a police officer to discuss the matter with him. On listening to my issues he suggested me to first find the link or go for easy options like blocking the sim as FIR would take time and can be troublesome for me. He also assured me of all kinds of helpful measures if I needed him in this matter. After that conversation I had a talk with my mother, she advised me to go with my uncle's advice and whatever the case, she would be there for me till the end. That time I realized a kind of strength in me with her words ,the last few days were so horrible that I felt like I was ruined as this matter was so serious that it can lead to FIR, which I never thought of in my life.

Finally the judgement day came, it was a Monday morning and I had no office to attend to. That gave an ample lot of time to finally put a nail in the coffin with this whole investigation crap. I was eagerly waiting for that one special call who could provide me with the damn link. After attending almost 70 calls and over 200 miscalls I finally got that one special call I was so desperately waiting for. It was around 09:30 hrs, i got a call from an unknown person who could speak in hindi. The gentleman immediately provided me with the video link. After having a look at the video i couldn't control my laughter, the hindi adage 'khoda pahaad nikla choohaa' seemed apt in this context. The video was nothing but a job advertisement for security guards with qualifying criteria being that the candidate must be class 8th passed. The video was carrying a thumbnail of a girl in saree with the contact number 9xxxxxxxx. You must be wondering how this video is related to spreading my contact number. I must tell you that the contact number used in the caption of the video was same as mine with the last digit being different,mine carrying 0(zero) and their's a 4(four). But in the caption they narrated the whole number and put a *(star) in the last digit(which the viewer's considered as 0(zero)and thus correlated with my number). I immediately composed an email to the uploaders and charged him against harassment from the video. I demanded the video to be removed within the next 12hrs or else I would opt for legal measures. Finally to my satisfaction the video was removed and an apology email followed confirming that all my problems were resolved. 

This fiasco taught me a lesson of a lifetime. '' if your state of mind is negative, every thought would give you negative feedback ". The moment I heard the word 'secret' I started focusing on the negative of the word which dragged me to the endless loop of thoughts... At the end, I am now at peace...

So next time don't overthink, hit your head, deal wisely with patience when you fall into such situations ever...

Thank you all for giving your precious time for reading this story... 

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