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How to fix Epson Wireless Printer not Working Properly

Epson printer comes with different facilities. But there are times when other issues or problems arise while operating a printer. To cope up with such problems or issues, there are solutions too. Many Epson printer drivers are having an issue with their printer, which may stop the users from getting their work done.

There could be several other reasons on why is my epson wireless printer not responding due to which the printers don’t respond; a few of them are listed below with the solution-

Check the printer connection.

  •  Your printer might not be connected to the computer properly, so always check the connection between the printer and the computer.
  • If you’re using a network printer, check your network-connected devices like a router. View the network connection status, or try reconnecting your printer to your home or work network.
  • If you’ve connected your printer via Bluetooth, make sure that your printer is close enough to your computer, also try to repair the printer with the computer.

Set your printer as the default printer.

Maybe your Epson printer is not set as the default printer on the computer, so always first set your printer as the default printer.

 To set your Epson printer as your default printer, follow these steps-

  • Press the window key tab on the computer, and open the run box.
  • Type control in the given box and press enter on your keyboard.
  • Select the large icons from the view by a section on the computer.
  • Click on the devices and printer option available on the screen.
  • Select your printer, right-click on it and select Set as default printer.

Epson wireless printers are used to print black and white as well as color printouts. Sometimes users may see that the Epson wireless printer not responding due to some issues. In that case, check and follow the above steps to restart your work efficiently.

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