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Is most expensive Fitbit Ionic smart wrist watch worth it


If you’re the type that keeps fit with exercises, and you are on the look for the best wrist ware for your exercise, then Fitbit Ionic is what you really need. So we looked at whether the Ionic smart watch is really worth the investment in this article.

With the introduction of the Ionic, Fitbit, with their obsession with fitness ware or tracker lately, has decided to move into a completely new market. The To bit Ionic made it the first time the company is making a smartwatch.

He combines his fitness know-how with the intelligence of a variety of companies he has purchased - such as Pebble, which Fitbit acquired back then in 2016 - and has worked hard to add an awesome new garment to his business. range.

The Fitbit Ionic has features similar to expensive alternatives such as the Apple Watch range and Wear OS watches, the Fitbit Ionic is a serious claim to be the smart watch you choose to wear when you run or go to the gym – exercise.

That being said, there is however, now additional competition from the Apple Watch 4, which adds LTE to the mix, not to mention Garmin's foray also, into the fitness smartwatch space with products like the Forerunner 645.

Fitbit ionic vs versa

Since the launch of Ionic, Fitbit has also introduced a new, more affordable smartwatch called Fitbit Versa. If you're thinking of buying a new Fitbit Smartwatch, check it out because it's cheaper, has great design, and has many of the same features as the Ionic.

James Park, CEO of Plus Fitbit, also confirmed that the company plans to produce a Fitbit Ionic 2 in the future, but there is no indication for the time when this product will be made or produced.


So, written below are what you would

Want to know about the Fitbit Ionic.

• Heart Rate Monitor:

The Fitbit Ionic, also features an enhanced Pure Pulse Heart Rate Monitor and a new SpO2 Relative Sensor that measures oxygen levels in the blood. The latter is more sensory evidence of the future than anything else, as it can give the user a more in-depth look into his health and even have detection features of such things as sleep apnoea and arterial fibrillation. The Fitbit Ionic claims that the heart rate monitor is more accurate, partly related to a more stable contact point since the sensor lights are pushed back. This is especially important during exercise when the tracker is more energetic.

• SpO2 sensor:

It estimates the amount of oxygen in the blood. The sensor works by releasing and then absorbing a light wave that passes through the blood vessels in the fingers. Good oxygenation of the blood provides the energy necessary for the proper functioning of your muscles during exercise. If your SpO2 value is less than 95%, this may indicate poor blood oxygenation (hypoxia).

• Health and Relaxation:

Health is not just adaptation. Like other Fitbit trackers, Ionic can help you find calm moments throughout the day by following personalized breathing session on your heart rate. You can choose between two and five minutes of breathing exercises.

• Guided Exercises:

Ionic Fitstar introduces the new Fitbit Coach application, which is a rebrand of the Personal Trainer App. It offers more than 40 jobs that you can complete without the need to delete an old fitness DVD or search for a video on YouTube. Follow your onscreen instructions to complete your workout, such as a perfect 7-minute exercise or audio-based exercises such as power breaks for athletes. With Koc, you can choose from one of the 7 to 60 minute training sessions, including voice training and seven Fitbit Radio stations. You can choose from many coaches and levels of activity. The next session will develop based on your abilities and goals. Ion comes pre-loaded: 10-minute abs; 7-minute training; and a 20-minute treasure trove (jumping jacks, pushups, shadow boxing, shoulder tap pushups, one-foot spiders, high knees, jump jacks, superman boards, bike rides and more).

Pros :

• Battery life:

You can measure the battery life in just a few hours for most smart phones- generally 18-24. Fitbit Ionic is designed to be your permanent companion for the better part of the week. You shouldn't have to face any problems for a single day for at least four days with the battery. There is no choice to keep the screen at all times, so it taps into your wrist.

• Fitness Tracking:

Fitbit tracks all your steps, distance and even heart rate during the day. All of this information is synced to the Fitbit app, which is great for viewing your activities. Ionic incorporates quick access to workout modes and automatically detects exercise. However, this automatic feature is not as sensitive as Samsung Gear devices though.



Firstly, the Fitbit Ionic has a “Fitbit” look. Although the overall design isn’t classic as one would expect, yet, its frame is aluminum; meaning it didn’t reflect the $300 price tag. Going further, the rectangular screen is too small as were as the octagonal footprint which is divisive. •

Fitbit OS:

This new smartwatch lacks some decisive features such as the framerate which is very low, the poorness of the touchscreen response rate. Even trying to play music is another complications. .

Fitbit Ionic Specifications:


• LCD touchscreen: 1 45in(348x250)

• Storage : 2.5GB

• Bluetooth : 4.0

• Wi-Fi : 802.11b/g/n NFC


• Heart rate monitor

• Accelerometer

• Gyro

• Altimeter

• Environmental light

• Water-resistance : 5 ATM (50m)

Price : 

The Fitbit Ionic watch is an expensive option for a fitness watch though as it’s sold at $231. Comparison (Fitbit Ionic vs versa) : You might want to look at a very little comparison between the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit versa before making your purchase. And here is the little comparison: The Fitbit Ionic has a better battery life than that of the Fitbit Versa. Even. A better screen, built in GPS. It’s also bigger in the flip side. These are the little things you should be aware before purchasing either or them. Conclusion : Although the Fitbit Ionic smart watch is costly compare to it competitors, yet is it worth it because of so many features it came with. It focuses on health and fitness with so many features to validate the claim which most other fitness smart watch don’t offer. It also comes with a large disk space to enable you store songs and have them playing while on exercise. So, the smart watch is worth it. And you might want to have a look via the link below : 

Fitbit FB503CPBU Ionic Smartwatch (Slate Blue/Burnt Orange)

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