Vijaya Shri Gaur

The Perfect Proposal

I was in love with this girl since high school. When everybody wanted to pass the exam with the highest marks, I was dreaming about her. I know it’s not good to think about your crush when you are giving exams but those who understand love knows this that you can’t control these feelings.

I come from a very middle class family where good marks and good values are the only important thing. In my family there is no such things as falling in love but that doesn’t mean that my parents don’t love me or each other. Like my Father loves my Mother, but he won’t say it. He will just help her in chores and that’s the expression of love. My mother also loves my father, but she won’t openly say- I love you….instead she will make a less sugary dish to make his mood light and his heart healthy.

I was a bit different from my parents. I always believed that if you love someone you should say it out loud. As If I love you I would climb the longest tower and scream to the world that how much you mean to me. When I first got this feeling for her I actually terrified myself. I never thought that I would fall for such a pretty face and also I can’t even dream about getting back her love.

I knew I was different but I knew that she was the same. Just like any other girls in this world who was waiting for her prince charming. Who would be six feet tall and have dense beard and would love her unconditionally. I was none of it except one that I also love her and will always love her unconditionally till death part us

I often make myself feel that it’s never going to happen because I knew she was not into me but then one day in class when she sat beside me, I felt something. She touched my hand while giving a pen and I felt the touch. It was no ‘friends’ touch. It was something – ‘I also like you’ type touch. I know it feels funny when you think that it’s all imagination but it was not. The way she talked to me and always lean toward me while saying something funny I got the strongest feeling that she liked me too.

I was too afraid to say something to her but I couldn’t control the urge of not having her, so I planned the perfect Proposal but it never got explored. She left town for higher studies and I never got a chance to say that how much I love her…

And today when I saw her 10 years later in the same party my heart beat skipped for a bit. All the feelings came back rushing to me which I thought was gone. There she was wearing a white gown with little white earring, and she was looking out of this world. I waited 10 years to say this but now I couldn’t store this feeling anymore. I immediately went to my car and went to a place. I came back in half an hour with the sweetest things. I went directly to her and asked if she wanted to come to the terrace with me. She said yes, and I grabbed her hand and took her with me on the terrace. I store all my courage and told her

‘’Victoria, I was in love with you since 10 the grade and I don’t know if you feel the same. I just know that there is something between us and this is the best feelings which I cannot shake. I may not be the person who is perfect for you, but I am the best person who will always love you. I will love you till my last breath and never going to leave your side even after death”

And I put a teddy and a doll in front of her to choose...

She had tears in her eyes when she chose the doll and told me- Oh! Stella I love you even more and I never told you anything because I was not sure. Now I know that you also have this feeling, I promise you that I won’t ever be leaving you''

We laughed and then we kissed and it started raining. For other this may not be the perfect proposal but for a girl like me it was the best Happy Ending of a beautiful doubt.


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